Gilmar Mendes threatens to sue those who call him corrupt

O ministro se definiu como um “garantista convicto” enquanto atacava membros da Lava Jato.
17/11/2019 09h14 - Updated 17/11/2019 09h14

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In an interview with Glamurama (UOL), Minister of the Supreme Court, Gilmar Mendes, which is defined as a "convinced garantista", while using illegal evidence to crucify members of Operation Lava Jet, also took the opportunity to criticize the press, the Workers' Party, to prosecutors and, Clear, the Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Sergio Moro.

The most criticized minister of the STF, and whose impeachment is already one of the most successful hashtags Twitter, assigns the indignation of Brazilian citizens to the media approach taken with regard to combating corruption.

"I think there was wedlock between Lava Jet and the media, the media adopted the. It has a provision in the law that says that the approved agreement can only be released after the complaint received, Janot and leaked it for, placed in several clauses the subject renounced the right of non-disclosure, only it was not a likely right of renunciation. There were the famous 'lists Janot', the media that cevou, and produced this monster. "

In view of the magistrate, people who climb the hashtags # ImpeachmentGilmarMendesJá or #ImpeachmentGilmarMendesUrgente not know what they are talking or doing, they are manipulated by the press.

"I have a lot more irritation in relation to the press than to the people of the streets, that sometimes have no idea what they are talking about and are instrumentalized. when [host] Leilane neubarth campaigns against me in GloboNews, I'm sorry, is one prepared, Now Joe the corner is a victim of this process, It is a victim of the mass media, who was also at the service of something, and that was wrong and has difficulty doing mea culpa. "

he added, still, respect press freedom, but if it is called "corrupt", sue anyone.

"I am convinced that there must be freedom of the press, and never left me publication ban. But if I understand that I am offended, and it is not exaggerated sensitivity, and call me corrupt [as, in their understanding, would have made the actress Monica Iozzi the demonstration that generated lawsuit by Mendes], volume measuring process. processed the [journalist, already dead] Paulo Henrique Amorim, other journalists, but I have no project to enrich it, doo all I get. "

Records-is that, although not accepted to be offended, the eminent Minister sees no problem in publicly achincalhar members of Operation Lava jet and the minister Moro, inclusive, using conversations obtained unlawfully and castings way through the site The Intercept.


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