Mother suffers heart attack while trying to explain homework to her son

Woman lost patience with the wrong answers: “He did not give me the correct answer”.
06/11/2019 12h09 - Updated 6/11/2019 12h14

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In China, a woman lost patience to explain the homework to her son and just infartando. The mother, Wang, from 38 years, I was trying to teach math questions for the child, that roamed the answers. She ended up feeling ill and was rushed to a hospital.

- I tried to explain to him several times. But he did not give me the correct answer. I began to get angry and feeling that explode. Suddenly, I felt dizzy and having trouble breathing. I called my husband and asked to go to a hospital - told the Chinese after recovering.

The doctor who takes care of the case explained that this is common in parents who are new. He said that "it is not caused by unbalanced diets, but by emotions ". Wang remains hospitalized.


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