MBL plans to ask the impeachment of chief justice, Dias Toffoli

O pedido de impeachment será protocolado no Senado na próxima quarta-feira (20).
16/11/2019 16h26 - Updated 17/11/2019 13h29

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The Movement Brazil Free revealed that plans to file a request for impeachment to the president of the Supreme Court, Minister Dias Toffoli. The statement was made by the national coordinator of the MBL, Rubens Gatti Alberto Nunes Filho, the "Rubinho of MBL", the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

Among the many decisions that come Toffoli contrary to public, that motivated the request for impeachment was the breakdown of tax secrecy over 600 thousand people, some of them with privileged forum, and businesses. The request made to the Central Bank was deemed "unconstitutional" by experts.

“The craft violates the law, against the honor and decorum of office, incurs abuse of authority and crime hurts rights earmarking of more than 600 thousand individuals and legal entities, what it is truly absurd”, said Rubinho, who is also a lawyer.

She also stated that the impeachment will be filed in the Senate next Wednesday (20).

Source: Pleno.News

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