Ethanol production will generate 36 thousand jobs in the AM, says Joshua Neto

Os investimentos só foram possíveis devido às medidas do Executivo Estadual que flexibilizou a legislação ambiental do Estado.
08/11/2019 09h10 - Updated 8/11/2019 18h26

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The president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly, Joshua Neto, He said on Thursday (7), that the exploitation of corn and the production of biofuels in the Amazon announced by Millenium BioEnergy company will generate at least 36 thousand new jobs in the state, divided between Manaus and Rio Preto da Eva municipalities and Itacoatiara.

The company Millenium BioEnergy announced on Wednesday (6) investments of R $ 4,4 billion in the coverage areas of the Superintendency of the Manaus Free Zone (Suframa).

In addition to generating jobs and income, to reach nearly 4 thousand families, Oh give President hazard, punctuated tax collection as one of the driving springs in improving economic numbers Amazon. "It's a production chain, will generate tax. They will be levied taxes, which will be reversed in improving the lives of our people of the Amazon ", Joshua Neto scored.

According to Joshua Neto, investments were made possible because of the State Executive of the measures that eased the environmental legislation of the State. For him, environmental barriers came over the decades, delaying and hampering the sustainable development of the region, and cited as an example, the stalemate which for years prevented the natural gas exploration, in the municipality of Silves (distant 19,1 kilometers from Manaus).

The parliamentarian stressed that the state is taking good care of public / private, recalling the case of Geneva Preview S.A firm carrying out the operation of the natural gas that is sent to Silves Roraima and soon must meet the Amazon market.

Sugar cane

In his speech Thursday (7), Joshua Neto, also congratulated the decision of the Federal Government to repeal Decree No. 6.961/2009, which prohibited the planting of sugarcane in the Amazon and in the Pantanal. The decision was announced on the afternoon of Wednesday (6).

Segundo o presidente da hazard, when making the decision the Federal Government meets the cry of all who struggle for the state to develop other economic arrays, without neglecting the protection of fauna and flora. "Combining the production, technologies is necessary, so that we can produce leading, comfort, employment and income for young people leaving the Amazonian drugs and enter the labor market. This will also greatly enhance the production and sustainable development in the State ", Joshua said Neto.

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