Unick is defended by customers petition, which blames the government and the media for the problems in the company

The organizers of the petition suggest that would be a way to get back the money invested.
13/11/2019 16h16 - Updated 13/11/2019 16h16

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Investidores da Nick Forex, which was operating target of Revenue and the Federal Police in recent weeks on charges of setting up a Ponzi scheme with up to one million customers, They launched a petition on the Internet at the company's defense, blaming the government and the media for the problems and asking for the return of operations. The manifesto now has about 9 thousand signatures. The company directors were arrested and Unick is under investigation, with his assets and blocked accounts for Justice.

Ignoring the investigations of the police and Revenue, investors say they "want to strengthen the innocence of activities" that Unick "has been developing along with its customers and bringing good stuff and learning content as well as their products sold on the platform". The organizers of the petition suggest that would be a way to get back the money invested. "We are going against the government and in favor of Unick", says one.

The Forex saying Unick sell courses in financial market, but in practice offered investments with return 100% in six months, as shown by investigations by the Federal Police and the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM). The gain, said the company, would the share of sales of educational packages, few investors come to see and many did not even know existed, since what mattered was the same income far above any market option.

Besides that, It had commissions in the statement of new investors. Who indicated received any application that was indicated, as well as other investors that indicated could, which allowed the formation of networks, as in a multilevel marketing system.

no case, however, the system was geared only to attract more fans to the scheme with the attractiveness of return, and not sell products as in companies like Avon, Natura or Tupperware, and in which the gain is infinitely smaller and is not guaranteed, as claimed by the Unick. Network leaders, diamonds, They encouraged his players to win new customers, sporting luxury cars, boats, travels. Those who could most fans could even win prizes like cars, motorcycles and luxury watches.

Many investors Whatsapp groups still believe that the company really was able to fulfill his promises and are hopeful that it will pay commitments or at least return the money invested, although the Federal Police and the Revenue have found a very small portion of the amount due on the company accounts. They were located, however, R$ 200 million in accounts of people linked to Unick and R $ 50 million in criptomoedas, money that was used in some payments when the investor pressure grew and kept the hope of others.

For those investors who organized the petition, however, late payment, almost three months before the PF action, It was caused by fraud that the company would be investigating. "In late payments for cancellations", advocates say the Unick, "The company was still mapping associates who had swiped your system to be able to get easy money, thus negatively affecting many customers ", the text says. "Every delay was understandable, but many customers also used in bad faith, taking advantage of the moment of lese ".

The text also blame the media, "Mass brought false charges in this matter", which would have caused the PF action. For the client group, the company "may have freedom to work with their activities that are not illegal may still meet its obligations to its members and everyone who still trust in the company and have the working tool offered by it and return what is due to all that so wish ". "We have to be the 'justice' done ', the note concludes.

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