Winner of The Voice Brazil 2019 It is heavily booed after speaking 'Lula Free’ in show

Tony Gordon, We had to end the show after singing just three songs.
10/11/2019 11h15 - Updated 11/11/2019 15h40

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The singer, Tony Gordon, who won the eighth edition of “The Voice Brasil”, It was heavily booed on the night of Friday (8) after saying the phrase “free Lula” during show at Bourboun Ilhabela festival, the coast of São Paulo. He had to end the show after singing just three songs.

According to the website “TV News”, do “UOL” a person who was on the show said that the disagreement began in the audience and Tony Gordon would have tried to mediate the start of a confusion between anti-PT and Lulistas. As the source, Began is a slight buzz, among people who shouted “free Lula” and other half booed.

“Even amid the buzz, he started the second song: Imagine, John Lennon. The song is a song about, fairness and tolerance. But two groups in the audience teased each other. Up until this time the singer was just doing the show. When he finished picture, he tried to speak… But the free Lula's screams were more intense and interrupted his speech. In an attempt to try to put out the spirits, he said: “Sim, people, free Lula, but what I'm saying is…”, Quil said Dulci Pimentel lawyer to the site.

The singer was interrupted by boos and protests and urged people to respect their political positioning. “We have a beautiful country, regardless of what we are living. So, with great affection, I ask a better Brazil for all of us. We follow in Love base, each respecting the opinion of others”, He asked the artist.
“Some people understand that the singer had agreed to free Lula staff, but he did not agree, he would keep talking and could not”, He told the lawyer.

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