Video: Bolsonaro reveals salary of William Bonner in the Globe and accuses him of tax evasion

The anchor of the JN was quoted by the president in a video that is circulating on YouTube.
04/11/2019 11h21 - Updated 5/11/2019 17h26

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The host of the National Newspaper, William Bonner was cited by President Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE) in a video that is circulating on YouTube recorded at a motorcycle shop. The journalist had his salary on Globo published by political and was accused of tax evasion.

"If you have shame in the face do not expect my process, I open space. I'm waiting for dignity. I saw the [William] Bonner saying it is the most serious possible journalism ", shot, revealing then the wages of journalist.

"Logical, who earns $ 800 thousand a month not paying income tax as an individual, You have to defend yourself Globo ", provoked, referring to the anchor JN.

The president is at war since Globo television news presented by Bonner showed a report that is nominal mention of it in the case of the murder of Marielle Franco. After this Bolsonaro made speeches on Facebook that highlights persecution by the issuer against him.

see video:

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