Wilson Lima meets with Secretary of the map and Amazon can become free of FMD without vaccination

State has fulfilled over 90% action plan for FMD vaccination withdrawn in 13 counties.
08/11/2019 10h49 - Updated 8/11/2019 18h26

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The governor Wilson Lima met, this Thursday (07/11), with the Agricultural Defense Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map), Guilherme Leal, to address the National Program for the Eradication of Foot-and other matters related to agricultural defense in the Amazon. In this ocasion, both they treated the adopted measures that could make the state free of FMD without vaccination.

At the meeting, both discussed the action plan for the Amazon conquer this status. The state has already served more than 90% the plan. "The Amazon is internationally recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health as FMD free zone with vaccination and we are working so that the foot and mouth disease vaccine is no longer needed in 13 State and municipalities, like this, we can become free from FMD without vaccination. It will be a great gain for the state ", said the governor.

Initially, according to the governor, the idea is that the vaccine is no longer required in 13 counties, being them: Apuí, Boca do Acre, Canutama, Eirunepé, Envira, Guajará, Humaita, Ipixuna, Itamarati, Labrea, Manipur, Novo Aripuana, Pauini and part of Tapauá. altogether, 943.185 animals represent the flock of these regions, distributed 5.448 farms.

"When this happens we will open the market for the flock that is free of disease without vaccination, what is the value of family farming, and sustainable business in our state. Those 13 municipalities are located there more in the southern Amazon, in a region where livestock is one of the main economic activities of the people who live there ", Wilson said Lima.

In addition to the Agricultural Defense Secretary Map, also attended the meeting Secretary of Rural Production, Junior Petrucio; President of the Agriculture Federation, Livestock and Supply, Muni Lourenço; the regional superintendent of the Ministry of Agriculture in the Amazon, William Person, and the CEO of the Amazon Forest and Agricultural Development Agency (Adaf), Alexandre Araújo.

"The withdrawal of vaccination is actually a culmination of FMD eradication in our country and in the state of Amazonas. We had international recognition with vaccination and at the time you remove the vaccination we have to step up surveillance activities in order to maintain the health status ", He said the CEO of Adaf noting that today the Amazon has a herd of 1.492.769 animals and has 15.140 farms Indexed.

The National Agricultural Defense Secretary governor said he hopes to find as quickly as possible the fiscal balance state for, like this, can summon the approved contest Adaf, understand the need to professionals.

The strategic plan provides for withdrawal of FMD vaccine in the country until 2023 and aims to create and maintain sustainable conditions to ensure the country's status free of FMD. The goal is to increase the free zones of FMD without vaccination, protecting the national heritage livestock and generating maximum benefits to the actors involved and the Brazilian society, and the opening of new markets for animal products.

In this sense, the map divided the country into five blocks. In the block I integrate the states of Acre, Rondônia, Mato Grosso and part of the southern and southwestern Amazon. The rest of the municipalities in the state participating in the II block, along with Roraima, Amapá and Pará.

The second stage of the campaign "Amazon without fever Foot", coordinated by Adaf, It began on November 1. Not been, the vaccination schedule of the campaign "Amazon without fever Foot", It was divided into two stages. In 41 municipalities that make up the channel of the Amazon River were vaccinated cattle and buffaloes, in periods of 15 of the March 30 April and 15 July to 31 of August. in other 21 counties, the vaccination schedule has been set for the months of May and November.

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