• Teori allows Bumlai fulfill house arrest

    The minister Teori Zavascki, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), allowed naa Thursday (18) the farmer José Carlos Bumlai fulfill house arrest, due to his weakened health. Bumlai had preventive arrest by the judge ...
  • Sergio Moro condemns Bumlai and Cervero in Operation Lava jet process

    The Federal Court in Paraná announced today (15) the sentence that the judge Sergio Moro condemns the rancher José Carlos Bumlai, former director Nestor Cerveró Petrobras and six defendants of the 21st stage ...
  • Bumlai deposes on site in Atibaia investigated in Lava jet and would Lula

    The rancher José Carlos Bumlai testified yesterday (17) at the headquarters of the Federal Police in São Paulo, on their participation in the reform of the site Atibaia investigated in Operation Lava jet as property being the ...
  • Lula's friend pays secret testimony to Lava Jato

    The rancher José Carlos Bumlai, friend of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, He made a secret testimony of Operation Lava Jato. Researchers wanted to know the farmer if he participated in the acquisition of the land and the works ...
  • Exclusive: PF think Bumlai Property agreement with Lula

    The Federal Police found in Lula's apartment in Sao Bernardo do Campo a stock option agreement for a commercial property of R $ 6 million located in the Indianapolis neighborhood, Sao Paulo. It is-Se ...
  • Testimony that Lula would give Live was canceled

    The former President Lula managed to avoid his statement to the judge Sérgio Moro as a defense witness of José Carlos Bumlai. In one strategy articulated by defenses, Lula sent the Moro a statement on the rancher friend. A letter ...
  • Lava Jet will investigate coverage used by Lula

    Operation Lava Jet decided to investigate the coverage used by former President Lula, belonging to a rancher cousin José Carlos Bumlai. The task force wants to know if the glaucous Costa Marques is, indeed, the owner ...
  • Lula uses cousin coverage purchased by Bumlai

    Resident number cover 122 Building Hill House, in São Bernardo do Campo, in São Paulo, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva also uses the property in front of his, not number 121,...
  • Bumlai can negotiate plea bargaining with the MPF, says Value

    SAO PAULO – According to the newspaper Valor Econômico, the farmer José Carlos Bumlai is negotiating plea bargaining with investigators from Operation Wash Jet. According to the newspaper, the entrepreneur, the friend of former President Luiz Inacio Lula ...
  • in Conselhão, Bumlai 'raised awareness’ BNDES. And it took more credit

    President Dilma Rousseff takes over on Thursday the meetings of the Council for Economic and Social Development (CDES), called Conselhão, established at the beginning of the Lula government and used since then as a way to create positive facts ...

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