• MEPs discuss the delay TJ-AM in Fuel CPI installation

    Em reunião realizada nesta segunda-feira (24) in the Amazon Court (TJ-AM) com o desembargador Hamilton Saraiva, Members Luiz Castro (NETWORK) and José Ricardo (PT) manifestaram preocupação com a demora da Mesa Diretora da...
  • CPI request of AFEAM loses validity and is filed in Aleam

    In compliance with the Regulations of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (hazard), President of the Legislative Branch, Mr David Almeida (PSD), filed the Application, that called for the opening of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) para investigação de...
  • David Almeida confirms installation CPI AFEAM

    During the Small Hours in the morning of Thursday (9), the president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), Mr David Almeida (PSD), He used the tribune of Ruy Araújo plenary to make some announcements, between them, on a ...
  • Sabino wants criminal factions leaders are heard in CPI in the House of Representatives

    Congressman Sabino Castelo Branco (PTB-AM), proposed yesterday (8), at the time it was pronounced in plenary session in the House of Representatives, in Brasilia, the opening of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI), com a...
  • MEPs call for the creation of CPI to investigate the application of resources AFEAM

    With nine signatures, Members of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (OF-AM) They presented, during the plenary session on Tuesday (22), the request for the establishment of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) para investigar as suspeitas de má...
  • CPI to investigate Artur will be installed after second round, reveals councilor

    After talking about the irregularities of Artur Neto administration (PSDB), highlighted the issue of Wednesday, 26, the newspaper Criticism, Councilman Garcia Bibiano professor revealed that, Finally, conseguiu as assinaturas necessárias à instalação de...
  • Members try for the third time install CPI UNE

    For the third time, Members who want to investigate alleged irregularities in the administration of the National Union of Students (A) They try to topple a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) in the camera. Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP) announced today (26) que conseguiu...
  • Gilmar Mendes authorizes PGR to further investigations into Aécio

    Minister Gilmar Mendes, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), authorized the Attorney General's Office to undertake further research on the role of president of the PSDB, Senator Aécio Neves (MG), com suposta adulteração de dados da CPI...
  • Maia keeps act of Maranhão that had spread CPI UNE

    In a decision that should raise the spirits of those interested in investigating the PT device structures, the mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) He decided to uphold the decision of his predecessor, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), de anular...
  • Waldir Maranhão cancels creation of CPI UNE

    Interim President of the Chamber of Deputies, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), annulled on Friday(8) the creation of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) para investigar suposta irregularidade em uso de dinheiro público pela União Nacional dos Estudantes...

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