Mensalão operator sentenced to nine years in prison for tax evasion

Marcos Valerio already serving a 37 years for various crimes.
16/07/2015 10h18 - Updated 16/07/2015 10h19

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The publicist Marcos Valério was sentenced by the Federal Court in Minas Gerais to nine years and six months in prison on two actions for tax evasion in the amount of 55,9 million reais. Marcos Valerio already serving a 37 years in prison for bribery, peculation, money laundering and tax evasion in a conviction within the monthly allowance process. The businessman has been detained since November 2013. Currently the sentence is being fulfilled in Nelson Hungria prison, in Count, the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte.

The lawyer of Marcos Valerio, Marcelo Leonardo, He said it will appeal against decisions. “It is an unjust persecution conviction fruit made by the IRS, who made several unreasonable assessments against Valerio”. The two actions for tax evasion were brought to justice by federal prosecutors (MPF). The highest, 54 million reais, as Internal Revenue accounts cited by prosecutors, It refers to advertising agencies Advertising DNA and SMP&B Communication, used to supply embezzlement schemes of the PT and the PSDB monthly allowance monthly allowance.

Besides Marcos Valerio, They were also accused by federal prosecutors in this action the woman's advertising, Renilda Santiago, and its partners in two companies, also condemned the monthly allowance, Ramon Hollerbach Cardoso, Cristiano de Mello Paz and Francisco Marcos Castilho Santos. However, in action for tax evasion, Valerio was only found guilty. The sentence was four years, eight months and twenty days in prison. The decision was the judge Simone dos Santos Lemos Fernandes of the 35th Federal Court.

Undoing – In this same action for tax evasion, the entrepreneur, along with the counter companies, Marcus Aurelius Silver, it's your brother, retired civil police officer Marcus Tullius Silver, They were charged to a public document destruction. The complaint arose from a search warrant and seizure of drug trafficking in the house of Marcus Tullius, in 14 July 2005, when police officers found invoices of DNA and SMP&B, for the years 1998 a 2004, It is burned in two barrels.

It was found, as the sentence, “that the omission of revenue would have backed by invoices issued based printing permits of tax documents (AIDFs) Above the Rio Prefecture”, in Greater Belo Horizonte, where he worked one of SMP branch&B. The municipality, However, He did not recognize the roles, which they were considered false. The suspicion was confirmed by expertise from the National Institute of Criminology.

Other fourteen boxes of documents were also found inside the house of the ex-cop. As the MPF, the burning of papers aimed to destroy the evidence of tax evasion 54 million reais. In relation to this crime, however, there was no condemnation of Valerius. The understanding was that the destruction of documents was “merely necessary conduit means to the end-of tax evasion offense”.

Already Marcus Tullius was sentenced to one year and six months in prison. Marcus Aurelius had his penalty extinguished after making agreement for conditional suspension of the process. In practice, the accused has committed to fulfill decisions of Justice, which can be, for example, periodic court appearance.

In the second action, Marcos Valerio was sentenced again to four years and eight months in prison for tax evasion of individual income tax. The unpaid amount to the Treasury was 1,9 million reais in the exercise 2004 e 2005. As prosecutors, the values ​​declared to the Revenue were much lower than those drives held in current accounts that advertising held jointly with his wife.

Besides that, as MPF, credits were found in the accounts without identifying the source. Enjoined by Revenue, the businessman did not have documentation to show the origin of funds. Also in this case the woman was acquitted Valerio. According to the judge responsible for the case Jorge Gustavo Sierra de Macedo Costa, the 11th Federal Court, Renilda Santiago did not exercise “management actions” and I had no knowledge of the financial business Marcos Valerio.

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