More of 200 mil alunos estão matriculados na rede municipal de ensino

There is still 17.378 designations, which are reserves of vacancies made online or in-person.
23/01/2016 13h17 - Updated 23/01/2016 13h17

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More of 200 thousand students were enrolled in public schools until this Friday, 22, when he closed the official registration period for new students. Requests for vacancies, for kids, adolescents and young people who wanted to join a network drive, They started on Sunday, 17, with online services and, on Monday, 18, presential. of 215.900 students enrolled in public schools, 175.774 are students 2015 and that rematricularam 40.126 are new students.

There is still 17.378 designations, which are reserves of vacancies made online or in-person, opened. To complete the registration process and confirm the interest in vacancies, parents or guardians have until 29 this month to deliver the documentation of students in the chosen school.

The requested documents are original and copy of birth certificate, education voucher (declaration or transfer student), proof of address, vaccine portfolio and two photos 3×4. "It is important that those responsible deliver the documentation of students to date, because otherwise you will lose the job ", said the manager of enrollment of the Municipal Education (semed), Darlene Liberato.

From this weekend will be resumed the transfer of students from the network site , for those who missed the deadline of service. in person, schools return to meet from February 1.

According to Darlene Liberato, enrollment will have a stop a week, to be made the overall picture of how many children were enrolled and the amount of places still available. "We have not closed the doors for children. We closed the official period of registration for the general survey of the service network is made ", reported.
Even with the estimate of meet 231,5 thousand students in the municipal school system, the Semed has capacity for service 248 thousand students this year.

In 2016 the online service was essential to prevent parents faced queues to secure a place in the public school system. By the late afternoon of Friday, 22, They were made over 65 thousand vacancies online reservations for new students at, growth of 691,8% over the same period 2015, when it reached 8.217 reservations in the same period the site.

of 65.069 online calls, 34.977 They were requests for school units of the Municipal Education. The service for web streamlined the process and made 56.852 parents or guardians more than last year ceased to face queue.
Adding calls the web and face, teaching municipal and state public networks held 95.721 vacancies reserves for new students, day 17 January until late afternoon Friday, 22, of which 65.069 They are online and 30.722 Presence.

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