Pauderney Avelino snake Senate agility to committee of Impeachment

The leader of the DEM said he found very strange Renan's decision to delay the installation of the Commission.
19/04/2016 17h05 - Updated 19/04/2016 17h48

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Congressman and leader of the DEM in the House, Pauderney Avelino (AM), he said, during a press conference in the Green Room in the House, on Tuesday (19), who finds strange the decision of Senate President Renan Calheiros, to delay the installation of the commission that will examine the complaint of the House against Dilma (impeachment).

The Calheiros decision was taken soon after the meeting that Senate President had with President Rousseff (PT). According Avelino, Calheiros is not respecting the regulations and the law because the commission should be installed 48 hours after the opinion be read.

“Me very strange this decision of the President Renan Calheiros and here, as I said in the gallery, I want to repeat, I appeal so he can remake his decision, since this committee should be elected on Friday and, therefore, You can not delay”, said Pauderney.

The leader of the DEM said, still, Renan has no right to “slap” one decision taken by the people, through their representatives in the Chamber of Deputies. “Brazil has haste, Brazil can not wait, we must fulfill what is in the law. President Renan Calheiros has no right to slap a decision of the Brazilian people”.

Asked what will be the position of the opposition and the situation of Eduardo Cunha, which has process in the house Ethics Committee, in which they ask the revocation of its mandate. Pauderney said it does not support amnesty deputy and that the case follows the ethics committee.

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