Study unravels the prime times of social networks

Discover the prime time of each social network in Brazil. The most commonly used in the country are: Facebook, Instagram e Twitter.
28/06/2016 09h20 - Updated 28/06/2016 09h20

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A study is revealing what are the prime times of the different social networks. The study's name is “Nobles times on Social Networks” and it was conducted by social networking management consulting Sprinklr.

For the study, They were used 160 million mentions and interactions on social networks during 2015. The analysis fell on the three most used in Brazil: Facebook, Instagram e Twitter. The data extracted by Sprinklr show that each has its peculiarities (either by time or by type of content that is shared).


Facebook has a balance between the number of interactions on weekdays. According to Sprinklr, peak engagement is between 11h and 14h of working days. Three days have a small increase in the movement and use of users: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The Sprinklr is selected subjects that generate more interactions in the social network Mark Zuckerberg. The first three places are to finance (31%), e-commerce (28%) and retail (21%).


According to the study, Instagram also has many peaks depending on the day. "The number of publications does not undergo major changes between the working days", explica a Sprinklr. Instagram has two prime time bands: the first between 11h and 14h and 18h ​​and 22h between other. Night Wednesday and Thursday are also busy, with peaks interaction between 20h and 21h.

With use strong enough to advertise products and services, the sectors that have publications are e-commerce (33%), retail (32%) and beauty and hygiene (13%).

According to Sprinklr, Instagram is the only one of the three social networks that has no reduction interactions during the weekends.


Twitter has well-marked days for its prime time, unlike other networks. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the busiest days there. The time range is from 18h to 22h.

The Sprinklr states that also identified another peak: Wednesdays and Tuesdays from 21h to 00h. In this case, Twitter is used to comment football and reality show. It is interesting to note that the smartphone is used here as a second screen to interact with what's on television.

The real-time nature of Twitter account enough for quick interactions and that make sense only within a specific context.


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