Fearful Lula defense protocols request that Moro recognize bias

in a statement, juiz informou que só vai se manifestar sobre o assunto nos ‘autos’. former President lawyers say they will try to STF cancel recordings.
06/07/2016 16h10 - Updated 6/07/2016 16h10

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The defense of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva filed on Tuesday, 5, a request that the judge Sergio Moro, the 13th. Criminal Federal Court of Curitiba, declare their suspicion to try cases involving PT. According to Lula's lawyers, was also today filed complaint in the Supreme Court (STF) 'For new usurpation of jurisdiction of that court by the judge Moro'.

In late June, Sergio Moro 'reactivated' all investigations against the PT in Lava Jato. After receiving the green light STF, the magistrate resumed investigations involving former president for alleged crimes of corruption and money laundering in the purchase and renovation of buildings, receipts by lectures and donations to Lula Institute.

O Supreme, by order of the Minister Teori Zavascki, He had decreed the suspension of the processing of investigations against Lula, I live under guardianship, in Federal Court in Curitiba, in injunction welcomed the request of the defense of former President. The PT's lawyers questioned the competence of the Task Force Lava Jato first degree court to conduct cases.

Some of the surveys, as the purchase of the site Santa Bárbara, in 2010, and reform carried out in the property by Odebrecht, OAS and the farmer José Carlos Bumlai, They are in the final phase, ready to be transformed into formal complaint.

Criminologists José Roberto Batochio, Roberto Teixeira and Cristiano Zanin Martins, defending Lula, They claim that he "does not fear being investigated or tried by any court: want justice and a fair trial, just 'and that this is not an exclusive right of former President, but of every citizen.

According to lawyers, 'Lula's defense acts in defense of the democratic rule of law and the values ​​inherent to it, as the right to natural justice and fair and the presumption of innocence '.

To Lula's defense, Federal Judge practiced 'arbitrary acts' against the former president. "The 'exception of suspicion' is based on the practice of various arbitrary acts by the judge against Lula, since the outbreak of the 24th stage of Operation Lava Jato ('Aletheia'), in 4 March 2016. Examples of such arbitrary acts as cited: (i) deprivation of liberty imposed on the former president without any legal provision on the same date 04/03/2016, to force him to testify at Congonhas airport, in Sao Paulo, not even having it refused to meet any previous summons and, still, (ii) lifting the confidentiality of intercepted conversations of Lula and his family, although the law imposes such secrecy without any exception (lei 9.296/96, art. 8º) and provides that failure to comply with configures crime (No law 9.296/96, art. 8º), além de poder, em tese, configure abuse of authority ", point the defenders of PT.


Regarding petitions Exception Exception Criminal Suspicion and Criminal Incompetence filed by lawyers of former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in processes related to him the Social Communication Office of Paraná Federal Court said that the federal judge Sergio Fernando Moro, holder of the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, will manifest in the file ".

Curitiba, 05 July 2016.


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