blue band knocks out Artur Neto reaching 34% rejection

search DNP, released by Network Tiradentes, It shows that the rejection of Arthur hit record.
27/09/2016 15h57 - Updated 28/09/2016 07h00

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Within a week of the elections, Artur Neto bitter its worst ahead of Manaus Prefecture. search DNP, released by Network Tiradentes, It shows that the rejection of Arthur hit record. Nothing less than 34% They declare that they would vote for Artur in any way. This is the biggest bounce ever recorded by a mayor of the capital in the last 20 years.

The damage to the mayor's image does not stop. Even traditional media of the city began to detonate Arthur's Blue Ribbon. The newspaper Manaus Today, Grupo Rede do Calderaro, on the front page of its edition of Tuesday (27) called the Blue Ribbon d ass PROJECT.

The newspaper Criticism, the same group, stresses that Artur torrou R $ 2 million of public money to pay for the feasibility study of the blue band and, only four days of operation, He was forced to retreat and stop the project. The newspaper puts the amount invested under suspicion by placing quotation marks around the word studies, in prayer "Manaus Prefecture signed a million dollar contract to play 'studies'" and then say: "... Exclusive corridor has now been suspended for require 'further study'".

The administrative incompetence Arthur has no limits. It was a sequence of errors in the issue of urban mobility, which began with the red paint on the sidewalks of the Boulevard Alvaro Maia - to the Hall christened "bike path", and now the blue band. That is, left to muddle all colors and tastes.

You do not need technical knowledge to observe the contradictions and realize that the City Erou ugly. "There are millions invested and the people do not see return. Decide closed doors and end up making absurd works ", vents the office assistant, Dalva Cavalcanti.

So far, the City does not know which is the right system to Manaus and can not even take a measure traffic without causing disorder, displeasing from the pedestrian, passing citizen who depends on the bus to move to the person walking by private car.

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