Alvarães mayor accounts are reproved by the ECA-AM to pay for unbuilt schools

The manager will have to return to public coffers R $ 2,9 millions, between fine and glossing.
25/10/2016 14h33 - Updated 26/10/2016 09h01

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Mayor and authorizing the expenditure of the municipality of Alvarães, Mario Tomaz Litaiff had the accounts 2012 reproved, unanimously, the collegiality of the Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM), by a number of irregularities, including paid work and not held in the city. The manager will have to return to public coffers R $ 2,9 millions, between fine and glossing.

A copy of the file will be forwarded the Amazon prosecutors (MP-AM) to establish evidence of improper conduct. In its order, the director Mario Mello, granted a period of 30 Mario Tomaz Litaiff days to return the value. The manager may still appeal the decision.

According to voting Mario de Mello, the logo of the year 2012, Mario Litaiff held a number of overpayments by unidentified services "in loco" the ECA inspection teams, totaling the amount of R $ 2.879.097,26. The opinion of the rapporteur followed the Board's report of External Control of Public Works (stamped) and opinion of the Audit Attorney Evelyn Freire de Carvalho, suggested that, still, disqualification manager, by 5 years, for the position of member of committee or reliable function of the organs of state administration, based on Article 56 of Law 2.423/96- TCE.

In addition to the non submission of monthly trial balances and other reports to the Audit Court, the ECA's technicians identified, altogether, 25 restrictions on the provision of Mario Litaiff accounts, including lack of justification for not having passed on values ​​to Social Security, totaling the amounts of R $ 1,6 million, temporary contracts, irregularities in bids, and paying for schools that were not raised in the city, with minimum amount of R $ 136 one thousand.

In the same session the collegiate reproached the provision of the Mayor accounts North Watchtower, Neurani Rodrigues, for the year 2015. Also for a number of irregularities, following the vote of the board Erico Exile, full condemned him to return to the treasury R $ 260 one thousand, between fines and glosses.

The manager of the Municipal Health Fund of Tabatinga, Raimundo Caldas, also had accountability rejected by the ECA. Because of the irregularity detected accountability, including travel payments unproven, the manager will 30 days to return, between fines and glosses, R$ 523,3 one thousand

The St. Anthony mayors of Içá and Caapiranga, Abraham Lasmar and Antonio Lima, respectively, also had reproved the accounts. The counselor Erico Exile fined R $ 20 thousand Abraham Lasmar, referring to accounts 2014. Already Antonio Lima will have to return to public coffers over R $ 1,6 million, between fines and glosses, by a series of expenditure and not proven Caapiranga, second vote counselor Joshua Son.

Regular with caveats
Had the accounts approved with reservations without penalty, the director of Polyclinic feral João Pereira dos Santos Braga; Edlian Araújo (the year 2012); Municipal former secretary of Education, Kátria Vallina (exercise 2008).
The Mayor of Juruá, Tabira Ramos, also had the accounts approved with reservations, but received a fine of $ 6 one thousand. Similarly, the former director of Iteam, Vital Melo, It was fined R $ 2 one thousand.

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