Deputy critical mass resignation 500 police in the AM

According to Soares Platiny the government intends to punish the military, by a mistake made by your system.
10/11/2016 13h09 - Updated 10/11/2016 13h14

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The mass resignation threat 500 military police, by the State, It was widely criticized in the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas on the morning of Thursday (10). According to the vice-president of the House Public Safety Committee, Mr Soares Platiny (THE), the government intends to punish the military, by a mistake made by your system, as, the delay in convening professionals, who were examined within the maximum age established by edict, He left the state itself.

"We have a contest that was totally ill prepared. An edict that did not follow rules, and whether the Law Join the Military Police. And so, We live the possibility of losing 500 police once, them that are about to be expelled from the corporation, since the state did not have the minimum competence to organize the event ", shot Platiny Soares.

The impasse affects professionals who provided competition in the year 2011, and it has been raised by the Attorney General (Intoxicated), that requested by process, which is being processed in the 2nd Court of the Treasury of the Amazon Court, the dismissal of professionals, They are claiming that they did not meet the age limit 28 years.

To viabilizarem tickets in the corporation, approved filed lawsuits, to ensure their rights to enrollment in Soldiers Training Course, What happens in the training center, Squares Improvement (Cofog).
"The state uses its own notice? The police have completed five years of police, and incompetence of the current administration. Our sense of security is dwindling, violence only grows and instead of increasing the quota, we're off police ", Soares said Platiny.

Understand the case
The announcement of the tender criteria established as the maximum age 28 years for membership in the corporation. Many held the contest in the age limit, but slow to be called by the State.

When there was a call, had many more 28 years. They filed a civil action, the Public Defender of the State (DFE) requesting the recognition of the registration date as valid in the process.

The action underway in the 2nd Court of the State Finance and had a favorable opinion, which caused them to remain in the corporation. However, the action was dismissed and revoked the entry of 500 cops. Professionals appealed and the same judge, He decided to repeal.

The prosecution filed an appeal requesting that the Military Police General Command delete all police. The PMs are being followed by the Ombudsman, who filed a protective action to prevent the exclusion order PGE is met by PM Command.

Lack of gasoline leaves Parintins without cars
Vice president of the Security Committee and president of the Municipal Affairs Commission and Territorial Legislative Assembly Review, Mr Soares Platiny (THE), He received on Wednesday (9), a committee made up of elected councilors and representatives of civil society, the city of Parintins (distant 369 kilometers from Manaus), who denounced the lack of ostensive police patrolling, by shortage of fuel for city vehicles.

"They are playing with our public safety. The military police throughout the state are asking for help, there is a large plot that enables game the system, which should lead to fuel the vehicles "stressed Platiny Soares.
The MP suggested that inspections are carried out aimed at monitoring the material.

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