Security Secretary repudiates content circulated via Whatsapp in recent days

Sergio Fontes said in a statement, the dialogues are clumsy attempts to destabilize the Public Security System AM.
26/12/2016 08h53 - Updated 26/12/2016 17h17

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Sergio Fontes, Secretary of State for Public Security (SSP) distributed to the press a letter Amazon,in which it expressed indignation with content that circulated on WhatsApp in recent days. For it is only a rough attempt to destabilize the Public Security system state.

the note, he declares that the conversation is "the result of a scoundrel mind, unhealthy and extremely cowardly, hidden under the cloak of anonymity ".

Check out the note in full:

Communicate to whom it may concern: that are not true the rough and uncultured conversations attributed to me in a false group whatsapp.

Such dialogues and group do not exist and are the result of a scoundrel mind, unhealthy and extremely cowardly, hidden under the cloak of anonymity.

Several attempts like this come daily to my knowledge and, as with previous, They will not intimidate me .

Little letters attributed to FDN , anonymous phone calls and similar knaveries not intimidate me or frighten.

Those who know me know immediately that I am not able to dialogue as clumsy and ridiculous, as deeply respect my co-workers (officers of any police) and I do not think we would get where we are wondering how the vile coward who took the trouble to assemble the dialogues that I am referring now.

Therefore, I leave here my indignation message with such attempt (Tosca is true) to destabilize the Public Security System, playing police against police and sowing discord in those who have to fight the same battles and pursue the same goals, which is to defend society.

Manaus, 25 December 2016

*Sérgio Lúcio Fontes-
Secretary of Amazonas Public Security *

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