new students enrollment start on Friday (13), to care for students with disabilities

no Saturday (13), the call goes to the other students.
10/01/2017 11h59 - Updated 10/01/2017 11h59

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The public education starts on Friday, day 13 from January, requests for enrollment of new students for the school year 2017. An unprecedented, the service on 13 It will be exclusively for new students with disabilities and enrollment renewals for students with disabilities who have been part of the public school year 2016.

other students

no Saturday, day 14 from January, the call goes to the other students. Applications will be made through the website or application "Enrollments Amazonas", tool available for smartphones, nas plataformas Android e iOS.

The vacancies will be open for those who wish to join, in 2017, as new student, in public schools, administered by the State Department of Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC) and public schools, administered by the Municipal Manaus (Semed / Manaus).

The request for enrollment for new students will be available at all stages of basic education: kindergarten, elementary School (from 1st to 9th grade), high school (1st to 3rd year) and Youth and Adult Education (COME).

The service will also be made in person, for those who have preference, in time from 8h to 17h, according to the following schedule: no dia 13 from January, only for students with disabilities; no dia 16 from January, the service will be aimed at students from kindergarten; no dia 17, will be for elementary school students and adult education (1Th to 5 th year); no dia 18, for students of primary education and adult education (6Th to 9 th); IS in the day 19, the service will be directed to high school students and adult education. The contact hours will continue until the day 20 from January.

Step by step

To expedite service via internet, application or in person, the parent or guardian for the student can already perform the previous registration of new student. Just enter the full name of the student, mother (preferably), date of birth and other personal data and school student. According to the coordinator of the enrollment of SEDUC Management, Ireland Araújo, confirmation of registration shall be made, mandatorily, in person.

"As service schedule, after performing the student registration, responsible may request a place at a school of your choice, remembering that this procedure only ensures the reservation of the vacancy and is valid for three working days. To confirm enrollment, it is necessary, mandatorily, the responsible attend school, taking the necessary documentation. If there is no confirmation of enrollment in this period, space will be available again in the system ", He clarified the coordinator.

For the school year 2017, the Government of Amazonas and Manaus Prefecture are offering 183.647 vacancies in teaching public schools. Of the total vacancies, 136.830 They will be made available by SEDUC in their state schools and 46.817 by Semed. Vacancies for state network, 65.573 They are aimed at schools in the capital and 71.257 for teaching units in the state.

Documents required for registration

Upon registration, parents or guardians of students should attend the school he obtained the position and submit the following documents: original education voucher - transfer guide or transcript or the transfer declaration is valid for 30 days; birth certificate (original and copy); CPF and RG (original and copy) the responsible for the minor student age, mandatory for high school students and for students over 18 years of any teaching; copy of proof of residence (water bill, electricity or phone last month before enrollment); copy of the vaccination card; two photos 3 × 4 recent; original and copy of identification (photo) the person responsible for registration.

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