Partnership between State and Federal Government provides reform of the Rowing School of Manaus

The National Secretary of High Ministry of Sports Income, Luiz Lima, He came to the capital for a technical visit and announced that the site may receive a retirement.
20/01/2017 14h01 - Updated 20/01/2017 14h01

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On the afternoon of Thursday, day 19, the National Secretary of High Ministry of Sports Income, Luiz Lima, visited the Rowing School, located in Ponta Negra, west of Manaus. O manager, who came to the capital for a technical visit, announced, next to the holder of the State Youth Secretariat, Sports and leisure (Sejel), Fabricio Lima, that the site may receive a makeover this year and that will be a joint effort of the Federal Government and the State towards the achievement of local sports.

Second Fabricio Lima, the budget for the reform of the Rowing School will be coming from the parliamentary emeda of Congressman Silas House (PRB), no amount of R $ 1 million. "This amendment will allow the recovery of rowing school and we want to do from an extension of the Olympic Village through the water sports, like swimming, remo, canoeing, triathlon and open water. I have no doubt that enabling this reform will be possible to produce great champions. This is a historic space, who had long been abandoned, and you need to regain the movement of athletes. The idea is to join forces and even enable counterparts to realize this dream ", he stressed.

Also according to Lima, the idea is that the location can not only add to materials of aquatic sports, as well as canoeing associations, rowing and Triatlhon. "Swimming will the concentration of their federation in the Olympic Village, Waterpark, and this new space Rowing School are planned rooms able to accommodate other federations, which may accompany the train and development of high performance and amateur ", highlighted.

For the National Secretary, Luiz Lima, Manaus has the potential to 'manufacture' Olympians and sees with good eyes the partnership between the Ministry of Sports, Government of Amazonas and Rowing Federation Amazonense (FAR). Besides that, the holder praised Mr initiative to allocate the funds to the sport. "Or place (Rowing School) It is exceptional for the practice of water sports and is an extremely positive place, beneficial and easy access to the population. Regarding parliamentary amendment, it will reach the Ministry of Sports, and the project will be analyzed. If the project is in the execution parameters, it will be approved, signed, and reform will be held. Let's join forces for this to get off the ground ", highlighted.

The activities of the Rowing School are reduced for over three years. nonlocal, high performance weakened and currently only runs the school for amateurs and connoisseurs, days Tuesday and Friday, in the morning. The reform, or president of FAR, Daniel Herszon, He believes that a new chapter of the sport will begin to be written.

"Since the reform of Ponta Negra lost the base of athletes, because the structure has been compromised. Like this, we are only at the pleasure of rowing, without the high yield. This meeting today gives me hope and I'm happy with the signs of the Ministry of Sports, along with the secretary Fabrizio. Let's wait anxious that this process can walk and enjoy the sport as a whole, because we have human material ", highlighted.

Good news
Early, on the morning of Monday, day 19, the National Secretary of High Performance, Luiz Lima, We visited all the facilities of the Olympic Village, and even went through the Amazon Arena and Arena Amadeu Teixeira. The evaluation manager was positive and was also attended by representatives of the Air Force, Colonel Celso Gagliardi and Lieutenant Raquel Magalhaes, and representatives of Myrtha Pools company, Haller Freitas e Claudio Bresciani, the latter designer of the company.

In this ocasion, the National Secretary assessed the process of the Olympic pool, that was inherited in November 2016 by the Government of Amazonas to the Olympic Village of Manaus Water Park, and he said it is a duty to promote an egalitarian sport, with opportunities.

“In the last Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, of more than 400 athletes in swimming, only seven represented the North. The choice was a demonstration that the Olympics was an event in our country, not only in Rio de Janeiro. As an Olympic athlete and physical education teacher, I had this responsibility. I am very happy to be here in the village and be able to make this personal dream is to make the democratic Brazil in sports and make our country a sporting nation ", said Luiz, Olympian 1996 e 2000.

Beside the representative of the Ministry of Sport, the holder of Sejel, Fabricio Lima, He announced the arrival of the pool structure in March this year and that the delivery of the assembly must be completed in 90 days. Besides that, confirmed other Olympic legacy for the state.

"With the backing we received today, yet we were fortunate today to confirm the arrival of at least two Olympic legacy, that will benefit the Weightlifting and Wrestling ", said. The LPO will be provided five training platforms brand ZKC, 10 bars (5 female and 5 male), 100 washers (between 25kg and 0,5Kg), 5 pair necklaces, 5 squat rack (support squat), 10 ring holders, 1 par de jerk box e 1 by pull box. While Wrestling will win 10 rugs, 20 dolls and 10 bikes.

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