Seduc disclose the balance sheet of the students passed the PSC in the capital and in the interior

More of 1,6 thousand students from public schools will join the Ufam this year. The complete list can be accessed at the site Seduc.
23/01/2017 12h46 - Updated 23/01/2017 12h46

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More of 1,6 thousand students from public state of Amazonas have passed the selection process Continuous (PSC) and will join, this year 2017, the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust). The information was provided by the Standing Committee on Contests (Comvest / Ufam), organizer of the event, the Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC).

According to the reported data, 1.678 students from public schools were approved in the selection process, of which 1.027 They are state schools in the capital and 651 of state schools located in the interior municipalities.

According to the Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality, Algemiro Ferreira Lima, the result is the result of an entire investment that the Secretariat, by State Government, does create opportunities for quality education to our youth, especially the preparation of students for college entrance.

"This result shows that we are making a great investment in the education of these young people, as well as ensuring quality education, we have developed projects and actions aimed specifically for preparing students for the evidence of access to higher education, as or PSC, System Join Series of Amazonas State University and the National High School Exam (one)”, said Secretary Algemiro Lima.


The positive number of vacancies obtained is indicative of good performance of schools, such as the Military College of Military Police (CMPM I), which approved 60 students; Senator Petronio Portella school, had 56 students approved; Knowledge Village Ruth Prestes, with 49 approved; Senator John Bosco Ramos Lima, with 46 approved; and the College Amazonense Dom Pedro II, which could approve 43 students. The five public schools, in this order, They obtained the highest number of students approved in the PSC.

Also they highlighted the state schools Waldocke Fricke Lyra, approvingly 33 students; Aurea Pinheiro Braga, with 32 approved; Ruy Alencar, with 30 students approved; Francisco Albuquerque, with 29 approved; Amazon Institute of Education (IEA), also 29 approved, among other educational units.


The statement released by Comvest showed a positive result also for state schools located in the interior municipalities. altogether, they were aproved 651 students.

The schools that have adopted a larger number of students, had highlighted the teaching units installed in the municipalities of Itacoatiara, with the approval of 131 students; Parintins, with 114 students; Humaita, with 65 students approved; Coari, with 41 approved and São Paulo de Olivença, with 30 students.

Schools in the municipalities of Manacapuru (25 approved); Tefé (17 approved); Amaturá (16 approved) e Benjamin Constant (15 approved), also stood out in the selection process.

The complete list of approved students in the capital and in the interior (by school) It is available on the website Seduc:

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