TSE President snake research Odebrecht leaks

Gilmar said “It is as if Brazil was the country trambiques, violations”.
24/03/2017 11h42 - Updated 24/03/2017 11h45

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The president of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Gilmar Mendes, charged today (24) which is investigating the leak of confidential statements from the contractor Odebrecht executives, in which they are reported alleged illegal transfers to plate the campaign Dilma-Temer in elections 2014.

"I deeply regret, seriously, and demand us to do the investigation of this leak occurred now regrettably ", said Mendes. "I think it speaks ill of institutions. It is as if Brazil was the country trambiques, violations. Just as we can not practice here leaks, anyone can do it, or prosecutors, or judges, or anyone. "

Last Wednesday (22), Minister TSE Herman Benjamin walked to the other ministers of the Court the interim report on the action, reported that he, requesting the cancellation of the Dilma-Fearing plate for abuse of political and economic power. The objective was to allow ministers to start preparing the votes in the case.

no document, included excerpts of testimony from former executives of Odebrecht, including Marcelo Odebrecht, Former President Executive Officer. Statements are under judicial secrecy, by virtue of a clause in the denunciation of agreements signed by the deponents awarded with the task force Lava Jet.

The day after the report distribution, However, excerpts of the statements were widely reported by the press. Through an order signed by the assistant judge, Bruno Lorencini, Benjamin ordered the investigation of leaks, that may constitute crime under the Criminal Code.

Recently, Gilmar Mendes accused the Attorney General's Office (PGR) of leaking sensitive information relating to Lava Jet and alluded to a possible cancellation of events due to the act. The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, He responded saying the charge was "lying".

Reform the electoral system

Gilmar Mendes charged research in speech during a seminar on political and electoral reform organized by TSE. Despite the positioning, the minister took advantage of the information disclosed to criticize the current political and electoral system.

"But the statements that are being revealed show the cash mountain, including unregistered, that moved the elections ", said. "Only one company claims to have donated to the campaign Dilma Rousseff of R $ 150 million off the books. "

for Mendes, Brazil is experiencing a "perfect storm" – a combination of deep economic and political crises -, which would be suitable for changes in the electoral system. "They say that this Congress will not be able to vote for political reform, why will vote according to their own interests. And by chance a future will do the same?”, asked.

He pointed out that the current system for the state and federal deputies proportional election in open list is too expensive and incompatible with the extinction of corporate donations to candidates, considered unconstitutional since 2015 the Supreme Court (STF).

Given this situation, the minister defended the election in closed list, in which the voter votes not on a specific candidate, but in the legend. This system would be cheaper, it would eliminate the need for individual campaigns. "You have to get out of this dead end", said Mendes.

Cashier 2

In an interview after attending the seminar, the minister returned to relativize the use of so-called box 2 in election campaigns - money transfers undeclared companies to candidates.

according to Mendes, a possible amnesty to cash 2, as has been discussed in bills that pass in Congress, It should not be considered unconstitutional. "There is a debate until the box 2, Once wherein, if it is crime. This is an issue. Now, Congress has voted several amnesties, Congress voted amnesty repatriation, which caused a lot of people bring money from outside, he had at least tax crime. The Congress voted this amnesty, and no one is saying that this amnesty is unconstitutional ", said.

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