Braga received R $ 6 Dilma million to support the elections 2014, says whistleblower

According to the informer R $ 35 million in bribes was divided among five current and former senators of the PMDB to ensure the support of any party to the re-election of Dilma.
19/05/2017 16h06 - Updated 20/05/2017 16h42

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The director of JBS Ricardo Saud said the Attorney General's Office who paid $ 35 million in bribes to five current and former PMDB senators to ensure the support of any party to the re-election of Dilma Rousseff in the election 2014. Received money Eduardo Braga (AM), Jader Barbalho (PA), Eunício Oliveira (THIS, President of the Senate), Renan Calheiros (AL), besides the former senator Vital do Rego, Today Minister of Federal Audit Court (TCU).

Braga would have received, according to whistleblower, the amount of R $ 6 millions, same value passed to the senators and Jader Barbalho Eunício Oliveira, current chairman of the Senate. Also according to the whistle-blower, the largest amount was for Renan Calheiros, I would have received R $ 9,3 millions, while Valdir Raupp was paid the amount of R $ 4 millions, second Ricardo.

The informer said he was still reserved R $ 1 million to Senator Kátia Abreu, but Braga, barbalho, Eunício, Renan and Raup decide slicing the value between them, excluding the fees correligionária.

The amount allocated to the payment of parliamentary, segundo Saud, out of an account with a balance of R $ 300 million that JBS managed with the PT. The account would be stocked with the money the company obtained loans from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).

Thanks to the support the PT president Braga was announced in December 2014 as Minister of Mines and Energy position he held until April 2016. In the session that defined the impeachment, Senator ended up not participating in the polls, citing health reason. The fact of having been on the fence just doing it to be excluded from the ministry of Michel Temer government.

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