Palocci calls house arrest to denounce bank, companies and Lula

To be accepted tipoff, the PT decided to reveal the details of allegedly irregular transactions committed by the former president and one of the owners of BTG Pactual,, André Esteves, and the former owner of the Sugar Loaf Abílio Diniz.
31/05/2017 10h14 - Updated 31/05/2017 16h38

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Former Finance Minister Antonio Palocci attempts to negotiate, in winning tipoff agreement, his sentence to be served in a year of house arrest and that their testimonies are focused on bankers and businessmen, addition of former President Lula.

Imprisoned since September 2016, the PT has been dedicated, Last month, the preparation of its proposal according to the Attorney General's Office and the task force of Lava Jet in Curitiba.

To have your tipoff accepted by researchers, Palocci decided to reveal the details of allegedly irregular transactions committed by the former president and one of the owners of BTG Pactual,, André Esteves, and the former owner of the Sugar Loaf Abílio Diniz.

In case Esteves, the former minister promises to explain alleged sales of provisional measures in Congress to private banks, in which, second Palocci, the banker was involved.

About Abilio, the PT says, according to Folha, which can detail the alleged maneuver to try to keep it in control of Grupo Pao de Acucar, amid the dispute with the French Casino. The imbroglio, which lasted two years, It did not work and culminated in Abilio output of the group's board, in 2013.

As the Casino had informal support Fernando Pimentel (PT), at that time minister Dilma Development, Abilio hired Palocci to secure influence in his favor. The information was confirmed by the leaf members of the negotiations of the agreement.

The Pão de Açúcar Group made payments to the Project, Palocci company, through the lawyer's office and former Justice Minister Marcio Thomaz Bastos, killed in 2014. disclosed in notes 2015 the parties confirm transactions. COAF report, with data 2008 a 2011, It shows that Bastos was the second largest customer of Palocci consultancy, with transfers of R $ 5,5 millions.

In 2015, the Project issued a statement in which states that the payments had as origin the Sugarloaf group, who hired the former minister to help in the merger with Casas Bahia.

In addition to citing members of the private sector, which could open new research flank, Palocci says that explain corruption scheme in Carf (Board of Tax Appeals), which could unite the Zealots and Lava jet operations.

To start the talks on the tipoff, prosecutors demanded that PT confirm information about the former president Lula given by former executives of Odebrecht, especially in respect to the account “Friend”. He signaled positively.

According to the former president Marcelo Odebrecht contractor, Palocci operated an account-kickback, aimed at Lula's political demands.

Another episode involving the former president and that Palocci is to clarify the supposed financial benefit obtained by Lula in creating the company Sete Brazil, in 2010.

Until now, Palocci met only once with prosecutors. In the conversation, It proved reluctant to give politicians with special jurisdiction. However, the attitude was revised after investigators said, without this, there was no agreement.

After he was arrested, Palocci put a deadline of six months for his defense before starting to negotiate a whistleblower. As to April there has been no decision to higher courts in favor of his release, started the negotiations, led today by lawyers Adriano Bretas and Treacy Reinaldt.


Lula's defense said the Lava Jato “He failed to present any evidence on his accusations against former president”.

The advisory Abilio said the contract between the company and the Palocci Bastos office was under investigation and did not show irregularities. also says that, in the contract period, Abilio had no executive role in the company. The advice of BTG Pactual, no comment.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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