Payments millionaires contracts Tapauá are suspended by the ECA-AM

Os contratos valiam R$ 38 milhões e eram firmados entre prefeitura e a empresa VW Comércio Construções e Transporte Ltda.
20/03/2018 16h07 - Updated 21/03/2018 17h17

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Decision monocratic, the Hearing Officer of Accounts of the municipality of Tapauá, Julio Cabral, decided to suspend payments 17 contratos- of R $ 38 millions -, signed by the city with the VW company Trade, Construction and Transport Ltda. by evidence of irregularities. The suspension was reported to Collegiate, early on Tuesday (20), during the 8th Ordinary Session of the Amazon Court (TCE-AM).

Published in the Electronic Official Gazette TEC, the decision met a representation formalized by the External Control Secretariat General (Secex). The vice mayor and acting mayor of Tapauá, Hilary Ramiro Abreu Filho, as office, should immediately suspend the execution of contracts and payments, most related to stop-gap services and works, under penalty of fine.

According to the rapporteur, documents sent by the Ministry of Amazonas to Secex, contained in the records, show practices that are harmful and damaging to public coffers, which is prohibited by the law and the public interest.

the No contracts have been suspended 005/2017 (no amount of R $ 144 one thousand), 006/2017 (R$ 3,2 millions), 007/2017 (R$ 13,7 millions), 009/2017 (R$ 10,7 millions), 011/2017 (R$ 4,1 millions), 012/2017 (R$ 1,4 millions), 013/2017 (R$ 656,3 one thousand), 014/2017 (R$ 1 one thousand), 016/2017 (R$ 218,7 one thousand), 017/2017 (R$ 278,6 one thousand), 018/2017 (R$ 226,1 one thousand), 019/2017 (R$ 197,2 one thousand), 020/2017 (R$ 37,2 one thousand), 021/2017 (R$ 191,2 one thousand), 022/2017 (R$ 58,9 one thousand), 023/2017 (R$ 94,3 one thousand), 024/2017 (R$ 1,4 million).

Besides acting mayor, Councilor Julio Cabral determined that the mayor away by court decision, José Guedes Bezerra, were notified. The two have a period of 15 days for the submission of documents and / or explanations about the irregularities related to these contracts . The VW company Trade, Construction and Transport Ltda. It was also notified of the decision and can, if convenient, provide information or clarification regarding the suspicion of tendered contracts.

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