Youth dies after suffering electrical discharge in carrying cell

The boy played on the connected device to the socket, when he received the electric shock. He suffered nine cardiac arrest and died in hospital.
15/06/2018 18h04 - Updated 15/06/2018 18h04

Photo: Personal archive

A couple of 22 years died early on Friday (15) after receiving an electric shock while using the phone charging the battery in Taubaté (SP). According to the Fire Department, the young man had cardiac arrest after discharge and was even taken to the Emergency Room, but he did not resist and died.

Lucas Jean Marsola was attended by the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) around 16h Thursday (14). He played with the phone plugged in, when he received an electric shock and fainted.

The young man received first aid still in a house, in central city, and had nine cardiac arrest. He was rescued and taken to the Municipal Emergency Room, but he did not resist and died in the early morning Friday.

The victim's body was laid in wake Saint Benedict and burial was around 16:30 in the cemetery Painswick.

According to the Fire Department, care for the cell, despite being a constant use of device, It should be the same for any equipment connected to the power, when loading. There is not only the risk of electric shock, as fires, in case of overheating.

“It's a risk because it is connected to a power source and exposed to accident. Leave carrying night, especially in beds, You can also create a risk of accident. The expertise will further evaluate what happened in this particular case, but the general guideline is to always take care of connected devices in energy”, explains Captain Antonio Carlos Bernardes.

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