Lula will be World Cup commentator straight chain

The former president will comment on the games of the World Cup in an affiliate program of TV Brazil.
15/06/2018 16h21 - Updated 15/06/2018 17h26

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From jail, former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva will comment on the games of the World Cup in José Trajano journalist program in TVT, an affiliate of TV Brazil, a network of Brazilian public television belonging to the Brazil Communications Company. Comments will be made in letters and played during the program Chat with Joe Trajano.

“Lula will write his impressions, send to us, we put on the screen, with quotes, you will be able to read and hear in the voice of an announcer. So this is the big news: Lula exclusive commentator”, He released the journalist José Trajano video on social networks.

PT in the cell there is a TV, which allows it to follow the World Cup matches.

The Chat program Trajan appears Monday through Friday, I would not TVT 19h to 6:15 p.m..

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