Debts of Coari Prefecture put Marília Mendonça in tight skirt with prosecutors

Singer contracted for the 86th anniversary of the municipality of R $ 533,5 thousand will have to cancel show.
16/07/2018 15h03 - Updated 17/07/2018 15h22

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The company Crazy Feeling Artistic Productions Ltd. and the singer Marília Mendonça, hired by R $ 533,5 thousand to make a 1h30 show in commemoration of the 86th anniversary of the city of Coari (distant 366 kilometers from Manaus) He received recommendation of a group of promoters to give the presentation failing to respond to a lawsuit by the Public Ministry.

The reason for the recommendation is that the municipality should not allocate public resources while the city does not effect the payment of wages, pensions arrears. The debt was inherited from past management, but the prosecution demands that the current mayor Adail Son make payment.

The company Crazy Feeling Productions was hired by Coari Prefecture Marilia to take the city's birthday party.

Read below the craft that gives science the recommendation both the artist and the company:

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