Luiz Estevao and Geddel go to maximum security area Papuda after police find evidence of privileges

Agentes da Polícia Civil encontraram chocolate, scissors and five mini pen drives in the cell of former senator.
21/07/2018 16h01 - Updated 21/07/2018 16h01

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The Court of Criminal Executions (VEP) the Federal District decided on Thursday (19) determine the transfer of former Senator Luiz Estevao and former minister Geddel Vieira Lima to the maximum security block of the Penitentiary Papuda, in Brasilia.

The measure was taken by the court after the operation of the Civil Police of the Federal District, what, not Sunday (17), found evidence of privileges granted to prisoners. On the operation, but of 30 agents found chocolate, scissors and five mini pen drives in the cell of former senator.

In deciding the question, Judge Leila Cury understood that the accused can not stay in nearby cells in the case of calculation procedure. For a judge, there is evidence that Luiz Estevao "has exerted negative leadership", after being caught twice with prohibited objects.

"There are indications that he has exerted negative lead in the environment that is currently collected, because, through any of the above listed cases (or possibly any other even imagined) he has been caught, at least twice, in possession of prohibited items, all being to indicate that, if not immediately relocated elsewhere, also hindering the effective investigation of the facts, You can come to get other privileges again. “, the judge decided.

Luiz Estevao was sentenced to 31 years in prison for misuse, in the late 1990, R $ 169 million in the execution of the work of the headquarters of the Regional Labor Court in São Paulo. Geddel was remanded in custody in 8 September last year, after being found R $ 51 million in suitcases and cardboard boxes in the property of a friend, near his home. The seizure was possible due to an anonymous tip.

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