Bolsonaro progressed well after further surgery, says medical report

Emergency surgery was required after the candidate react badly to solid food
13/09/2018 09h43 - Updated 13/09/2018 19h59

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The presidential candidate Jair Republic Bolsonaro (PAGE) It was again admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (UTI) do Hospital Albert Einstein, in São Paulo, which develops well after undergoing further surgery, says medical bulletin released this morning (13).

Bolsonaro had been discharged from the ICU on Tuesday (11), but he had to undergo emergency surgery last night.

During Wednesday, the candidate had progressive abdominal distension suggesting the diagnosis of intestinal obstruction – diagnosis confirmed by CT.

He was taken to emergency surgery where were undone adhesions of the intestine and released the point of obstruction. Doctors also took care of an intestinal secretion leakage in one of the sutures previously performed for correction of intestinal injury.

According to the newsletter, this type of complication is more common in incidents such as Bolsonaro than in scheduled surgeries. Abdominal cleaning procedure was carried out in a two-hour.

Deputy Major Olimpio (PAGE) He reported that the candidate's progress is positive. According to him, Bolsonaro today woke up at 4 am sedation surgery. "Patency was made, the sutures where there was extravasation, inclusive, of material, that was causing the pain, swelling, nausea. We expect improvements ", said. No prognosis on the candidate's recovery time.


No last day 6, in Juiz de Fora (MG), Bolsonaro was stabbed in the abdomen during a campaign activity in the city streets. It was attended by Santa Juiz de Fora house where he underwent surgery.

On Friday (7), the applicant was transferred to the Albert Einstein Hospital, at the request of the family.

Source: Agency Brazil

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