Bolsonaro campaign targeting victory in the 1st round with helpful vote antipetista

Ibope poll released on Monday, 1º, he appears 31% of voting intentions against 21% Fernando Haddad.
03/10/2018 10h03 - Updated 3/10/2018 16h44

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O candidato do PSL à Presidência nas eleições 2018, Jair Bolsonaro, will strengthen the campaign to boost helpful vote of antipetistas voters in his bid last week of the election, betting on a possible victory in the 1st round. Research Ibope / ESP / TV Globo reported on Monday, 1º, he appears 31% of voting intentions against 21% Fernando Haddad (PT), It spurred a new wave of demonstrations in the nets for him.

The opposing campaigns already studying the scene, but analysts say the rejection Bolsonaro is the main barrier to ensure that it is confirmed. On the social networks, militants ask that voters John Amoêdo (New), Alvaro Dias (We can), Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) and Henrique Meirelles (MDB) "I do not vote by ideology, but to avoid the return of the PT ".

The possibility of further growth deBolsonaro down the stretch already haunts competitors. Within a week of the elections, military reservation reached 38% two votes valid. It is the highest since the start of the campaign.

Within the PSDB candidate campaign, Geraldo Alckmin, there are already fears that Bolsonaro win in the first round, second he found the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo. The same can be heard from marketers and people close to other campaigns - betting on rejection to, according to them, avoid early end of the election.

A marketer of another campaign heard privately by the newspaper compared the performance of Bolsonaro to the former mayor João Doria in elections 2016, when the toucan struck down the stretch and won Haddad in the first round of municipal elections. For him, what happened that year can be repeated. In this ocasion, the growth of Haddad in recent days made the antipetista portion react expressively - which secured the victory in the first round Doria.

The speech for the victory in the first round was already present in the favorable opinion Bolsonaro, no last Sunday, 30, Avenida Paulista. Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro (PAGE) and Senate candidate Major Olimpio reinforced the possibility of victory.

"We are a" Alckminzinho 'to win in first round, thing 5% e 6% (percentage points, actually)”, said Olimpio. Even during the demonstration, bolsonaristas militants have called for voters to "explain to relatives and friends why it was important to vote in Bolsonaro and vote against the PT in the first round".

For political scientist Rodrigo Prandus, Mackenzie University, the chance to win in the first round has a high bounce Bolsonaro main barrier. "Even so, he was on the streets, in the melee eparticipando discussions, could create a big and strong enough wave to end the election next day 7. No Bolsonaro the streets, I consider this more complicated phenomenon ", evaluated.

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