Federal police see kickback R $ 5,9 million for Temer

Relatório da PF mostra que há indícios de que o presidente Michel Temer recebeu propina das empresas Rodrimar, Grupo J&F e Libra.
18/10/2018 11h23 - Updated 18/10/2018 14h59

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The Federal Police (PF) pointed, the final report of the survey of ports, indícios de que o presidente Michel Temerrecebeu R$ 5,9 million bribe from companies Rodrimar, Grupo J&F e Libra. According to research, the transfers have been made in official donations and in-kind.

To fear, Maristela his daughter and nine others were indicted on Tuesday, 16, the delegate Cleyber Malta in a report submitted to the Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF).

The PF concluded that Temer issued Decree Ports, in May 2017, with "deviated purpose, unduly favoring businesses and entrepreneurs in the sector ". His former aide and former congressman Rodrigo Rocha Loures (MDB) It is named as "interlocutor" of emedebista the alleged negotiations with companies. The military João Baptista Lima Filho, Colonel Lima, near Temer, He was also indicted and is identified as "manager" of a "structure in place" to receive "financial benefits for some of these entrepreneurs". The PF also called for the arrest of Colonel.

According to PF, the company structure Argeplan, from Lima, It was made available to reform Fear and banked on a motionless Maristela. The report concludes, the delegate stated that the decree was aimed at "honoring commitments to a sector" which Temer "benefited from receiving undue resources for almost 20 years".

Malta also points at the conclusion of the report the existence of "atypical contacts" that appear "occurring outside their regular" between Rocha Loures and the procurator of Alexandre Camanho Republic, Secretary General at Raquel Dodge management that took over the Attorney General's Office in September 2017. In messages 2016, Camanho Loures deals with the future composition of the government Temer.


The defense Temer said there would manifest. The lawyer Mauricio Silva Leite, supporter of Colonel Lima, He reiterated that the request for prison PF is unreasonable and that relies on thoughtful analysis and STF technique. Camanho who informed, when he was president from ANPR, He initiated contact with then Vice President Temer to address corporate issues and maintained after leaving the association.

The criminal Fabio Tofic Simantob, responsible for the defense of Rodrimar executives, He said the report "contradicts with another previously prepared by PF itself in recognizing that Rodrimar was not benefited by the Decree of the Ports".

Attorney Cezar Bittencourt, defender Rocha Loures, also he said he did not have access to the police report and, therefore, "There is no manifest globally". A J&F did not comment on the case. The Libra Group said its lawyers have not yet had access to the report of the PF.

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