Bolsonaro apologizes to the president of the TSE for 'fluted’ during the election campaign

elected president made statement on dialogue with the Minister Rosa Weber during a visit to the Superior Electoral Court.
14/11/2018 10h32 - Updated 14/11/2018 15h00

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President-elect Jair Bolsonaro apologized on Tuesday (13) the president of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Rosa Weber, by “fluted” during the election campaign.

The president-elect came to the office of the president of the TSE, Rosa Weber, at 13h02 and left the place at 13.45. He was accompanied by General Augusto Heleno, future head of the Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI); Lawyer Gustavo Bebbiano, tipped to take the General Secretariat of the Presidency; and son Carlos Bolsonaro, councilor in Rio de Janeiro.

No cabinet Rosa Weber, with all standing, Bolsonaro said: “Madam Minister, first thank you for having us, I am very honored. Together, we can change the fate of Brazil. Apologize because it is common, the high temperature of the campaign, sometimes we give a fluted”. Rosa Weber presented the president-elect with a copy of the Constitution.

During the election campaign, Bolsonaro raised suspicions about the voting system by electronic voting machines. More than once, ele apontou a possibilidade de fraude. The President of the Supreme Court, Minister Dias Toffoli, e a própria Rosa Weber rechaçaram as suspeitas.

Besides Rose Weber, attended the meeting on the TSE Edson Fachin ministers, Sergio Baths, Luís Roberto Barroso, Tarcisio Vieira Neto, Jorge Mussi, Admar Gonzaga, Luis Felipe Solomon and Og Fernandes.

In the visit to the TSE, Bolsonaro conversou com os ministros do tribunal e conheceu o local onde será diplomado, not next day 10 from December.

The graduation makes official the election and gives right to elect to assume the mandate for which ran. Before that, Bolsonaro will campaign accounts judged by TSE.

At the end of the meeting, Bolsonaro went down to the basement TSE to know the main plenary, where will graduate. On the way, It was approached by servers for photos.

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