Woman arrested suspected of scamming more than 100 Tinder users

Known as "Loba the Tinder" it is investigated since May 2017 for embezzlement, defamation and extortion.
06/11/2018 17h28 - Updated 7/11/2018 15h02

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The Civil Police of the Federal District arrested, on Monday (5), a woman known as “Lobe do Tinder”. Patricia Pereira Coutinho, from 29 years, It is investigated since May 2017 for the crimes of embezzlement, defamation and extortion.

According to the delegate Ataliba Neto, suspect used the relationship of application for scamming. She acted in several states and, lately, applied blows in São Paulo.

According to police, Patricia made over 100 victims. One of them filed a complaint claiming a loss of R $ 50 one thousand.

The delegate said that the woman applied the scams asking for loans after being involved sexually with victims. To get the money, she used the excuse that a relative had died and that, that is why, I needed to go to the wake.

Also according to research, Patricia appeared as a lawyer or businesswoman cosmetics branch. She also threatened to married men, tells police.

Patricia was wanted since May 2018, when the court issued arrest warrant against her. A “Lobe do Tinder” He was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in prison for false reporting crime.

“She was being investigated by the blows in Tinder. During the investigation, in retaliation, she made a false complaint against the victim who handed the police station and made another false report in the prosecution against me”, said the delegate Ataliba Neto.

“She said I had committed abuse of authority. It has been proven that it was false. The prosecutor denounced by slanderous denunciation and she was ordered”, continued.

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