Right Amazon says probed Braga and Omar on vote for Senate president

The Amazon bench only Senator Pliny Valerius (PSDB) manifestou-se contrário a eleição de Renan Calheiros para o cargo.
18/01/2019 16h14 - Updated 19/01/2019 15h38

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The candidacy of Senator Renan Calheiros (MDB), for the presidency of the Senate has not been accepted by right-wing movements that are doing various demonstrations throughout the country against the political. The Amazon bench only Senator Pliny Valerius (PSDB) He spoke out against the election of emedebista.

In an interview with Portal AM POST the leader of the Right Amazonas movement, Carlos Lucolli, said the other two senators of the Amazon bench, Eduardo Braga (MDB) e Omar Aziz (PSD) They were contacted to talk about their positions regarding the application of Alagoas in the election but fell short.

"Senator, Eduardo Braga, He did not answer our contacts, we got in contact through a person, but we are unanswered. We believe that Eduardo Braga will vote for Renan. We contacted Senator, Omar Aziz, but also did not answer. So, we have two undecided probable and against, that is Senator, Pliny Valerius ", said.

According to Lucolli the ideal candidate for the presidency of the Senate and help the government of President Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE) on reforms, It would be the major Olimpio (PAGE), but there is no movement from him accordingly.

Secret Ballot
The President of the Supreme Court, Dias Toffoli, She rejected on Wednesday (9) request of the elected Kim Kataguiri (DEM-SP) so that the choice of the next president of the Chamber is open for voting, indicating that it should adopt the same position with respect to the Senate.

If confirmed for senate open vote may spoil plans Renan Calheiros it would hardly succeed in keeping the joints to get the job. Its main competitors, no time, They are Senators David Alcolumbre (Dent-off), Simone Tebet (MDB-MS) and Tasso Jereissati (PSDB-CE), besides the senators Major Olimpio (PSL-SP) and Spyridon Amin (PP-SC).

Demonstration in Manaus
Several right-wing movements are organizing in Manaus a demonstration on the afternoon of Friday (18) against the candidacy of Renan. The protest is scheduled to take place 17h, na Off. Djalma Batista, intersection with Rua Pará.

According to Carlos Lucolli, the event is nonpartisan and has the support of the conservative movement Brazil, #NasRuas, Bolsonaro Amazon, and Brazil 200.

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