Fies the result will be announced on Monday

altogether, they are offered 100 thousand jobs at zero interest mode and 450 the P-mode thousand Fiès.
25/02/2019 08h35 - Updated 25/02/2019 13h19

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The result of the Student Financing Fund (Fies) será divulgado today (25) na página do programa na internet. It can also be seen in educational institutions participating. altogether, they are offered 100 thousand jobs at zero interest mode and 450 the P-mode thousand Fiès. The two modes have only one call.

Those who are pre-selected for the zero interest method should complement your information in Fies Selection, at the website, period not 26 of February a 7 of seamost also 2019, for contracting financing.

Already approved by the P-Fies should check the procedures with financial agents credit operators and higher education institutions.

In zero interest mode, those who are not selected will automatically be included on the waiting list. Esses estudantes devem acompanhar sua eventual pré-seleção do dia 27 of February a 10 of April, on the Internet.

In P-Fies mode there is no waiting list.


The FIES provides funding to cover the costs of tuition private institutions of higher education.

A modalidade de financiamento com juro zero é voltada para os estudantes com renda The per capita mensal familiar até três salários mínimos. In this mode, students begin to pay benefits respecting the income limit.

The P-Fies is designed for students with income The per capita monthly family up to five minimum wages. The mode works with resources from constitutional funds and development and resources of the participating private banks.

Can participate in the program the students who took the National High School Exam (one), from the editor 2010, and obtained average grade on tests less than 450. Besides that, não podem Tue zerado a redação.

Partial scholarship from the University for All Program (ProUni), that is, those who have stock 50% tuition, can participate in the selection process Fies and finance the part of tuition not covered by the scholarship.

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