MPC expedites recommendation to the governor Wilson Lima on transparency

Segundo o procurador-geral de Contas, João Barroso, foi recomendado ao governo que adote as medidas necessárias.
11/03/2019 16h13 - Updated 11/03/2019 16h13

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The prosecutor Amazon Accounts (MPC) issued recommendation to the governor Wilson Lima to ensure proper implementation of the Work Plan presented by the Comptroller General of the State (CGE) the Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) and MPC. The recommendation was issued by Transparency Coordination Budget, Access to Information and Internal Control and delivered to the government last Thursday (7).

The Work Plan proposed by the CGE lasts for four years (2019 a 2022) and is part of efforts to improve the State Internal Control System, which aims to ensure the effectiveness of public policies, stimulate the government's innovation capacity, improve productivity and quality of public services, among others.

For the Attorney General of Accounts, João Barroso, with the recommendation of the MPC, as does the ECA, fulfills its educational role with public managers. "The prosecutor should charge accounts compliance with the law, without forgetting the pedagogical side, so we are, initially, recommending to the state government to take the necessary measures. The intention is to collaborate with the government ".

Taking into account that the CGE's plan shows that body still has pending issues related to internal structure, which undermines the proper functioning of the Internal Control, the holder of Transparency Coordination Budget, Accounts Attorney Evelyn Freire de Carvalho, He recommended to the government to correct the irregularities found.

"Among the actions planned, We highlight the possible partnership between the State of Amazonas and the ECA to structuring and implementation of the Integrity Program, critical to encouraging ethical behavior in public administration ", said Attorney.

The MPC has set the deadline 15 days to be informed about the actions taken with respect to the recommendation issued.

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