Bank of complete Amazon 77 years and prepares to show cultural value servers

The show is part of the Revealing Talent program and seeks to value employees who are part of the history of the bank.
08/07/2019 15h15 - Updated 8/07/2019 15h15

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Main financial agent of regional development, the Bank of complete Amazon 77 years on Tuesday (09/07) and to mark another year of existence, the institution has scheduled the holding of the first shows of the Cultural Bank Employees, will happen to 18 hours, the Cultural Center of the institution, located at the headquarters, in the center of Bethlehem.

Curated by the artist Emanuel Franco, shows "An inner poetry" is composed of 21 works, and 19 photographs and two paintings drawn with acrylic technique pen on canvas and wood. With various themes, the works of pure contemplation bring egregious nature of the Amazon, of human life, the historic architecture and local festivities.

Created to give recognition bank employees, the show is part of the Revealing Talent program. "The exhibition seeks to value our employees, that they are part of all we have built over these 77 years, contributing to the growth and advancement of the region, fulfilling our mission, which is to develop a sustainable Amazon Credit and effective solutions ", Tose said Valdecir, President of the Institution.

FNO and Harvest Plan 2019/2020
With operations in the nine states of the Amazon with a total share in the development credit in north 63%, Banco da Amazônia is also celebrating, in this year, 30 years of the North Constitutional Financing Fund (FNO). During this time, FNO has shown its importance as a strategic instrument for the promotion of economic development, social and environmental region.

In these three decades, the Fund invested R $ 45,7 billion into the regional economy, in 702.821 credit operations, features that contributed to the realization of dreams, increased productivity of enterprises, generating new jobs, increase tax revenues and improve the distribution of employment and income in the North. More than half of FNO amounts allocated to smaller segments, as mini, micro and small businesses, beyond the farmer and family farmer.

Last week, the bank announced funds of approximately R $ 4 billion for the Harvest Plan 2019/2020, with rates and extremely competitive financing conditions. The available values ​​will move, further, the agribusiness sector. Of the total to be applied, R$ 500 million is for the National Family Farming Program (PRONAF) and the rest for the agricultural sector. The funds will serve the small farmer to the large farmers.

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