Students of the state are awarded in Japan

Estudantes das escolas estaduais Tenente Coronel Cândido José Mariano (CMPM 5) e Professor Waldocke Fricke de Lyra (CMPM 3) conquistaram quatro medalhas na Olimpíada Internacional Matemática Sem Fronteiras.
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A silver medal, the only country, and three bronze. This was the balance of the Amazon in the second stage of the International Mathematical Olympiad Without Borders (OIMSF), held on Tuesday (16/07), in the city of Fukuoka, in Japan. altogether, 16 students from state schools Lieutenant Colonel Cândido José Mariano (CMPM 5) e Professor Waldocke Fricke de Lyra (CMPM 3) They represented the state in the global dispute.

The group landed in the Land of the Rising Sun in the last day 11 July, Amazon with Government support, through the State Department of Education (Seduc-AM). The final result was announced early on Thursday (18/07), local time.

The state governor, Wilson Lima, celebrated the news, considers that proof that the state public education has trodden important way for the future of Amazonian youth. "I am happy and celebrate quite, because I was with these kids before the trip and saw the hope they have in education. These are results we want and that we get all our government ", highlighted.

For the holder of Seduc-AM, Professor Luiz Castro, winning in Japan is the result of an integrated work between teachers, students and the State. "Participating in the Olympics in Japan is not easy, It is almost a chimera, an impossible dream for many people, and these students have earned the merit to be included. Even with all the difficulties, there was a priority so that they could represent their schools, the Amazon and Brazil ", said Luiz Castro.

The invitation to join the OIMSF happened after the great performance of state schools in the preliminary stages of the dispute, in April. With done, institutions could choose to 30 students to represent the Amazon in competition.

After an internal selection, in June, a CMPM 5 We reached the top eight students: Elizabeth Menezes de Lima, Victor Hugo Santos de Oliveira, Álvaro José Pedroso Pena, Ana Gilma Spider Santos Amaral, Maria Beatriz Carvalho de Alencar, Andrei Vinicius da Costa Medeiros, John Victor Azevedo Bonates Correia and Eloísa Lima Amaral.

A CMPM 3 also sent to Japan eight students: Alexandro Felipe Brito Barbosa, Enzo Nicolas Birth, Eloisa Freitas Reed Bentes, Ana Flavia Castro Segadilha da Silva, Felipe Vieira Solart, Gabriel Oliveira da Silva, Levy Gabriel Souza Bezerra de Melo and Thiago Cordeiro.

In Japan
The Amazon delegation came to Japan five days before the race the OIMSF, for acclimatization of students. On Tuesday (16/07), the students had 40 minute timed to respond to a test all in English. The test was conducted simultaneously for all participants of the contest, which was attended by about a thousand students from other 18 countries.

Álvaro José Pedroso Pena, Maria Beatriz Carvalho de Alencar, Victor Hugo Santos de Oliveira and Freitas Eloisa Reed Bentes were awarded Amazonian Competition. While Alvaro won the only silver medal of Brazil - it's medalist of the Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad Public Schools (OBMEP) the third consecutive year -, Maria Beatriz, Victor Hugo and Eloisa bring Amazonas three bronze medals.

For the commander of CMPM 5, Colonel Nadja, the result is a lot for the public education of the State. "At the Olympics, participating countries with the world's best education index. This achievement is the appreciation of the public school and the recognition of an entire work performed ", He highlighted Nadja.

She thanked for the support, still, the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, and holder of Seduc-AM, Luiz Castro. "They believed in this project and spared no efforts to send our students to Japan. This confidence and this recognition mean everything to us. We compete with a number of public and private schools from around the world, Brazil even, and returned victorious ".

Japan directly, Alvaro told how was the experience of participating in the OIMSF. "When I arrived, soon noticed the amount of people who were present, all highly trained. Only then I realized that they were going to do its utmost, and I could not do less than that. I felt a little scared, with the language [the proof was in English], but this insecurity served as fuel ", revealed.

According to Victor Hugo, the pressure in responding to the test was a major obstacle. "However, this difficulty and the fact that OIMSF count on competitors from various countries encourage you to try, improve and learn ".

As for Maria Beatriz, the medal came to crown a year of much study. "The feeling of receiving this award is inexplicable. I never imagined I would one day be in Japan, even winning a medal ", finished.

The delegation embarks champion back to Manaus at the end of the week, with arrival scheduled for Monday (22/07).

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