man climbs 15 story building to 'save the mother’ during fire

The elevators were not working. He tried to climb stairs, but it was prevented by police.
23/07/2019 11h22 - Updated 23/07/2019 11h22

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A man of 35 climbed year 15 floors of a building in Philadelphia (USA) for “save the mother” during fire on site, occurred last Thursday (18/7).

Jermaine, as the man was identified, It has experience in construction. On reaching the building to visit his mother, the entrance was blocked by the police because of fire. The elevators were not working. The American tried to climb stairs, but it was prevented by police.

Desperate, American decided to climb 15 storey building, fearing the worst, since the mother is bedridden.

“It's my mother, nothing could stop me. As a child used to climb on roofs. Good thing I practice”, He said US to station WPVI.

The mother took startled to see his son appear on the balcony of the apartment. But she did not need to be “save”. It was all right with her, without danger. Then Jermaine started down.

“Once I descended, a policeman was waiting for me. He said I would go to jail if not immediately vanish”, recalled the “salvador”. That's what he did.

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Source: ExtraGlobo

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