Jewelry valued at R $ 250 thousand are found in the patient's stomach during surgery

The woman suffers from binge eating in metal parts.
27/07/2019 18h31 - Updated 27/07/2019 18h31

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Doctors at a hospital in West Bengal (India) They withdrew from the stomach of a patient 22 years a large number of jewelry valued at approximately R $ 250 one thousand. Total, The pieces, including several gold, They weighed 1,9 kilo. Jewelry and coins were also found. The surgery was performed in 16 July.

Below, what the doctors removed:
– 69 bracelets

– 80 earrings

– 8 cords

– 11 Nose piercings

– 5 anklets

– 46 coins

– 1 Wrist watch case

According to “Daily Mirror”, Runi Khatun suffers from binge eating in metal parts. They were taken for months the collection of the mother and brother of a store.

The pieces formed a compact mass that got stuck in the stomach Runi. For one week, all that young ingested was vomited. The parents decided to take her to a hospital. imaging examination showed the presence of metal in the patient stomach. But only during surgery the doctors were sure what it was.

Indian is undergoing treatment to get rid of binge.

Source: Extra

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