Nine thousand definitive land titles must be delivered in the AM to the end of the year, Wilson announces Lima

The announcement was made by the governor during delivery 341 titles to residents of the Mount of Olives neighborhood, north of Manaus.
06/07/2019 14h22 - Updated 7/07/2019 13h29

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The Government of Amazonas will deliver nine thousand definitive land titles by the end of 2019, being seven thousand inside and two thousand in the capital. The announcement was made by Governor Wilson Lima, in this Saturday (06/07), the State School Ernesto Pinho Filho, during delivery 341 titles to residents of the Mount of Olives neighborhood, north of Manaus. The action is part of the first titles delivery stage for neighborhood residents, which should receive 800 documents until September this year.

“This means respect and dignity for the population. In the first six months of government we have delivered, only in Manaus, but of 700 Titles. in a 15 days want to go back on the Mount of Olives to deliver more 300 Titles. This will be a tireless work”, Wilson said that Lima, last Wednesday (03/07) It was to invite some neighborhood residents for the delivery ceremony of titles and visit the entire area where the properties are located whose owners now have the land ownership document.

Besides the common residences, the Government of Amazonas granted definitive land titles to neighborhood merchants properties Mount of Olives.

In six months, the Government of Amazonas reaches 740 people served with regularization. The first delivery was in February, in the neighborhood Armando Mendes, in east. In this ocasion, 359 residents obtained the title. The second action took place in Parintins (a 369 kilometers from Manaus), while Amazon Gift Program, in May, with 40 Titles.

The transformation of ownership in property brings legal certainty and the constitutional guarantee to beneficiaries. Titled families can, for example, have property registration and contract bank loans or credit in the state of Amazonas Fomentos Agency (Afeam).

“We are attending a determination of the governor, who was in the community delivering invitations. This is unusual and innovative. He wants to speed up the delivery process titles, in the capital, as inside”, said the new state secretary of Land Policy, Ricardo Francisco. “Families start in their homes and today we are fulfilling the dream of the sacred home of these families”, He completed the secretary.

Among the beneficiaries in action this Saturday was retired Maria Nair, 74 years. She was the first to arrive in the State School Ernesto Pinho Son for your outright. Mother of two, one with disabilities, she says it is more enjoyable with the document. “I was very happy, inside and outside. Today was a really nice day for me. Thank you so much”, said Maria Nair.

definitive titles - The process of regularization of real estate and the delivery of documents are organized by the Department of Land Policy (SPF). Land regularization is part of a state policy of the most important for the current government and who walks side of the housing issue.

According to the governor Wilson Lima, the idea in the administrative reform of the government that will be forwarded to the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM), It is to approach the work done today by SPF with the State Superintendent of Housing (Suhab), to align the housing and land policies and give more speed in the service of the population for decent housing.

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