Mayor Arthur creates program to contain waste which should generate savings of R $ 58 millions

In 20 days, all municipal departments should present an economic spending plan.
01/07/2019 15h40 - Updated 2/07/2019 12h55

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The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, signed on Monday, 1Th July, at City Hall, West zone, the decree creating the "Responsibility to Manaus", which should generate savings of, at least, R$ 58 million between August 2019 to July 2020. In 20 days, all municipal departments should present an economic spending plan, with goals and implementation deadlines, The results will be monitored monthly by the mayor, both systemically and in review meetings.

According to Arthur Neto, cutting the cost of public administration is a preventive and educational measures, which is being held at a time when the city is at its economic peak, with fiscal and financial balance. The background is the flag of non-waste.

"We've had time to cut back on meat to survive, face the crisis and turn a city that is respected throughout Brazil, with the best Security and one of the set of the country. This decree aims to prevent waste. Save the pen, no paper, energy, on the trip, in daily. We are not taking any drastic step. Simply contain, the maximum as possible, the drain waste ", said the mayor, who was accompanying the president of Manaus Solidarity Fund, the first lady, Elisabeth Ribeiro Valeiko.

Even as Virgil, the banner of no waste is in line with the Fiscal Responsibility Law, which should be followed by all public manager. "People should not respect, never, who does not respect the fiscal responsibility. It is reputable and responsible suit the Fiscal Responsibility Law and be able to pay staff in day, make investments and to honor its commitments ", he defended. Arthur also said he will leave good examples for the next managers. "We understand that Manaus has a whole project to be continued and to work out", completed.

The decree defines the measures to be carried out by the 25 departments and municipal authorities, as reducing 20% the costs of printing services and paper procurement, fixed and mobile services, services with fuel supply and rental cars. Another stated goal is to reduce 10% spending on event services, honors and festivities, advertising services, consumables, case file, hygiene and cleaning, conservation and pest control in general, overt or monitored security services, power supply prepared, maintenance and conservation of machinery and equipment leasing and real estate, with the exception of buildings of educational purpose areas, health and social care. water and electricity bills should represent reduction 5% we costs.

The mayor also determined reduction in 10% the budget quota values ​​estimated service contracts, maintained by all organs, entities and funds from the Municipal Administration, not included in the preceding items. It will be up to the Municipal Finance, Information and Internal Control Technology (Semef) run these cuts. "We made an action plan for 12 months and this plan will be monitored by a team and also by the Internal Comptroller, Besides that, this program will be included in Goals Management System ", He informed the secretary of Semef, Lourival Beach.

The Municipal Administration, Planning and management (Semad) lines must cancel corporate secretaries, undersecretaries, presidents, vice presidents and other positions with status undersecretaries. At Semad will also fit prioritize the hiring of operational and administrative services and reassess disabled and expensive property belonging to the municipal property, besides promoting the sale, by auction, and optimize the use of active listings.

is given, from 1 August 2019, the mandatory use of Electronic Document Management System - SIGED for administrative processes by all organs, entities and funds, with the exception of lawsuits of secrecy. And the acquisition of goods and services related to Information and Communication Technology (TIC) They should be preceded by a Preliminary Technical Studies, approved Semef.

It will also be suspended, unless authorized by the Chief Executive, granting tickets and daily for servers, except for travel to participate in official meetings to represent the municipality, limited to one server per event.

The organs of local government shall submit to Semef, up until 20 days after publication of the decree, the action plans, monthly targets and monitoring indicators, according to the methodology of the Municipal Management System (SGM). fortnightly, a report will be presented to the mayor of Manaus.

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