At the request of Justice, police make green area of ​​repossession in Tarumã

The irregularly occupied area borders on the invasions known as the "City of Lights" and "Tribes Park".
13/08/2019 13h29 - Updated 13/08/2019 17h42

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On Tuesday (13/08), fulfilling decision of the 19th Civil Court and Work Accidents of Manaus County of Amazon Court (TJ-AM), the Integrated Management Office (GGI) Public Security Bureau made the repossession of a green area of ​​more than 580 square meters that was being occupied illegally in extension Bancrévea, located no Km 02, Villa Verde Road, Tarumã district, West zone.

The work began at 6am and had a staff of one hundred military police, Shock between battalion, Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (Rocam), Special Operations Command (COE), Cipcães, grouping Mars, Cavalry, Amazon Fire Brigade (CBMAM), Samu, Amazonas Energia, National Indian Foundation (Funai) and State Indian Foundation (FEI).

The irregularly occupied area borders on the invasions known as the "City of Lights" and "Tribes Park". According to the delegate Caesar Caio, holder GGI, the invasion is an extension of the City of Lights. nonlocal, there were 200 tents that were destroyed.

previous survey identified the presence of indigenous people on site, because of that, representatives of FUNAI and the EIF took part in the repossession.

According to the deputy commander of the Shock Battalion, Captain Renato Leitão, It was not registered any resistance or conflict by the invaders. Residents left the scene before the police arrived. The police followed all the action of destroying the shacks until the final determination of Justice.

"The invaders were warned two days before the Justice that the place would be reinstated. Because of this, When we arrive, they had left. There was a principle of fire in three shacks, which was quickly controlled by the fire department ", reported.

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