Students of the state win six bronze medals in Taiwan

Olimpíada de Matemática no continente asiático contou com a presença de estudantes do CMPM 2 e EETI Professora Lecita Fonseca Ramos de Manaus
08/08/2019 16h29 - Updated 8/08/2019 16h29

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different culture and language, time zone and even earthquake were some of the obstacles faced by students from state schools Educational Center Integral term above (Ceti) Marcantônio Villaça 2 (CMPM 2) and State School Full Time (right) Professor Lecita Fonseca Ramos, who participated, between the days 4 e 8 of August, the International Mathematics Olympiad Asia (Good), in Taiwan. The difficulties, However, It was not enough to deter the representatives of the Amazon: not complete, students won six bronze medals and an honorable mention in the contest.

The state delegation boarded with 12 high school students into the city of Taipei - where was held the competition -, last Friday (02/08), with support from the State Department of Education (Seduc-AM).

For the manager of Eeti Lecita Professor Fonseca Ramos, Arethuza Karla Amorim Cavalcanti, the result obtained in Taiwan goes beyond the titles won. "This experience has meant everything to us, because it showed that the Amazon has, sim, quality in its public education and we can compete on equal terms with any school in the world ", said the managing.

The teaching unit was responsible for two of the six bronze medals in Aimo, achieved by students Marcelo Azevedo Rodrigues and Francisco Osorio de Oliveira Lima Filho, both of the 2nd year of high school. "We superfelizes, even [students] who failed to medal, as the most important of all was the opportunity to represent our state and our country at an international Olympiad ", completed Arethuza.

The management thanked, still, the commitment of Seduc-AM to take them to Taiwan, to compete. "The support of the Secretariat was essential for us to perform this dream. I would like to thank the Secretary Luiz Castro, who spared no efforts to make our students participate in the Aimo. Without this incentive from the State Government, none of this would be possible ", concluded.

more medals
Already CMPM 2 returns to Manaus with four bronze medals, conquered by students: Glauco Ramos Alencar and Giovanna Lara Rosario Medeiros, 3rd year of high school; and Acts Brito Omena Leo and Danilo Marinho dos Santos, 2nd series. In addition to the quartet, student Ágatha Lopez Sour, Also 2nd series, He received an honorable mention for their participation in the Olympics.

"I believe that the positive feedback of these students, after the competition, is not only medals, but the idea that, with the study, you can go anywhere. Thus, they disseminate throughout the school community will grow increasingly, serving as fuel and incentive for other students' fly high 'also', said the colonel Otacicleide Pereira de Oliveira.

As Arethuza, she thanked the Government of Amazonas for the support. "We would like to thank the governor Wilson Lima and the secretary of Seduc-AM, Luiz Castro, because they raise awareness with our students. The student, to participate in a dispute as Aimo, see their efforts being recognized by both the school and the government, and this is very important and motivating for him ", finished.

Unique experience
The medalist Marcelo Azevedo Rodrigues, Professor of Eeti Lecita Fonseca Ramos, He said that the result obtained in Taiwan motivated him to want to participate in other international competitions.

"This victory is so much of my school and my state and my country, I'm pretty excited and I see this achievement as a result of all my study and all the effort of Professor Eeti Lecita Fonseca Ramos so that we could bring to the Amazon these medals. It was a unique experience, the first time I traveled out of state ", revealed Marcelo.

Francisco Osorio de Oliveira Lima Filho did not believe when he heard his name being announced at the awards ceremony of Aimo, thought "was a joke": "At this time, He spent a whole 'flash' in my head, all I went through to get here and sometimes I thought about quitting because of the difficulties. All this only made me even more I emocionasse. Can not wait to get to Manaus and thank my parents for everything ".

Earlier on Thursday (08/08), in Taiwan Time, the Amazon delegation also went through a little scare as he slept at the hotel. Around 5 am, they were awakened by an earthquake of small proportions.

"We agree with this 'surprise', It was a small earthquake. But it passed very quickly and no one was hurt. I explained that we were in an area where those aftershocks [seismic] were common and they [the students] if reassured ", recalled Arethuza.

The delegation flew to Manaus Amazonas Thursday (08/08) and comes to the Amazon capital early Saturday (10/08), around 2am.

About Aimo
The International Mathematical Olympiad Asia (Good) It is an annual competition that was born in Hong Kong, in southeast China, in 2012. With all questions in English, it is worldwide and takes place every year in one of the 13 host countries of Asia, serving as a platform for students of public and private networks improve their critical thinking skills, exchange knowledge and promote the educational and cultural development.

In this year, the competition with the participation of 15 countries and 29 Brazilian schools, of Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, Maranhão and Amazonas.

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