After the attack the Manaus Free Zone, Rodrigo Maia makes a date with Amazon bench

The MP said it would be better allocate resources directly to the State.
23/08/2019 14h24 - Updated 24/08/2019 19h32

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The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (THE), next lately giving statements against the Manaus Free Trade Zone (ZFM), It has a dinner appointment with Amazon bench for Tuesday (27), in Brasilia.

The bench does not intend to lose the support of the mayor and therefore should receive it peacefully at the meeting to be held in functional apartment Senator Omar Aziz (PSD), Countertop leader.

On his Facebook page Omar commented on the meeting with Maia and said he plans to explain to him about the importance of Free Trade Zone model.

“We (Amazonians) guarantee of the Brazilian economy preserving the Amazon and the institution that preserves is called the Manaus Free Trade Zone, which is the protector of Amazonas state forests”, He explained Sen..

On Tuesday (20) Maia said during the awards 'Valor 1000', in Sao Paulo, it is necessary to correct distortions caused by tax incentives, such as the ZFM, and it would be better allocate resources directly to the State. The deputy also said that it makes sense to install the Honda in Manaus, because while the company benefits from tax incentives on capital, the country paid R $ 300 thousand for each of the plant employees.

Project Past
After major negative repercussions of his speech the mayor tried to rectify with the Amazons and gave an interview to journalist Ronaldo Tiradentes at Radio Tiradentes in the morning Wednesday (21) but it ended up getting worse by declaring that the ZFM is a “Past design”.

"What I said [the newspaper Valor Econômico] is that, with the same investment resource we have to project Brazil to here 20, 30 years and projects that will enhance the same line as the ZFM, to protect the environment and preserve the forest and jobs. That a long-term 10, 15, 20 years", completed.

Asked about what he said about the installation of Honda in Manaus, Maia said he does not intend to take the company's capital now.

"I said that Honda, as today's project to take place in 20 years, It will not make sense not to Manaus
nor to Brazil. No automobile company, which are only automakers, It is innovation company (…) This is not to end up with Honda now in Manaus, no way", stated.

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