Augusto Heleno says “Amazon is a heritage of our people "

General believes that opposition wants to slow the country's economic growth.
25/08/2019 13h35 - Updated 25/08/2019 13h38

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Novato no Twitter, or general Augusto Heleno, that accounts for the Institutional Security Cabinet, He commented on the impact that the burning in the Amazon earned abroad. Heleno believes there is a worldwide movement against Brazil.

- They want to stop our inevitable economic growth. Philosophers bar and even heads of state, who have never been in the Amazon, propagate their theses unsustainable. Brazil is an example for the world. Our people know that Amazon is ours and their wealth will be exploited, sustainably, to our advantage.

Heleno recalled its 45 years in the service of the Brazilian Army and said he always acted in the preservation of natural resources in Brazil.

- The Brazilian Amazon is a heritage of our people, You know that protect it from threats of harm to the forest with illegal actions and will react to those who intend to violate our sovereignty.

The Minister took the opportunity to criticize the journalist Monica Bergamo, Folha de São Paulo, who attributed the delay in response to the forest fires in GSI.

- How absurd! Hard to know whether the statement is ridiculous or grotesque.

Source: Pleno.News

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