Bolsonaro says Federal Executive of the budget problems are serious

Lack of resources will decrease military expedient.
16/08/2019 19h49 - Updated 16/08/2019 19h49

Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brazil

Agency Brazil

The president said today Jair Bolsonaro (16) the budget problems of the Federal Executive are serious and that the absence of resources will have such an impact of the reduction in journey military, who would work for "part time". The speech of the President took place at a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace.

"The whole Brazil has no money. The ministers are terrified. The army will go into halftime. They have no food to give to the recruit. The situation is serious ", said Bolsonaro.

The president made the statement in response to questions about the budget problem of the National Scientific and Technological Development Council (CNPq). The president of the institution, João Luiz Filgueiras de Azevedo, said in interviews that more than 80 thousand bags would no longer be paid in September for lack of funds.

Through note, the Ministry of Defense informed the Agency that Brazil still works "with the possibility of release of provisioned resources", but studying "alternatives if extending said locking".

In July, CNPq suspended the selection of fellows in Brazil and abroad until the day 30 September waiting for credit. in explaining, the agency said it has a deficit of R $ 300 million in budget 2019 and seeking an additional credit to remedy the shortfall.

Yesterday the Minister of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC), Marcos Pontes, said the problem is "being resolved" and that the Minister of Governance, Onyx Lorenzoni, I would have "given the word" that there would be a solution to the case with the assurance recuros. However, Bridges did not detail how this increase would take place.

The CNPq is the main funding federal research institution in the country along with the Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination (Capes). The board pays from students in undergraduate programs for teachers in research projects and researchers at institutions such as universities and research centers.

The total contigenciamento conducted by the Federal Executive added, until July, R$ 33,426 billion. Last month, the government announced new lock, no amount of R $ 1,443 billion. The initial estimate was R $ 2,252 billion, but there was the use of a reserve in the amount of R $ 809 millions.

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