Combating corruption in Coari is strengthened after the report Rercord Camera

Grupo de Trabalho de quatro Promotores será instaurado em reforço ao combate à corrupção no município.
13/08/2019 15h31 - Updated 14/08/2019 14h26

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The Attorney General of the Amazonas State Justice established a Working Group (GT) to act in judicial and extrajudicial made pending in both public prosecution offices of Coari. Ordinance No. 2,259 / 2019-PGJ It was published in this Tuesday (13/08). Comprised of five members MPAM, the GT will be coordinated by the Promoter of Justice Weslei Machado, in strengthening the fight against corruption in that city.

“The Working Group was formed to strengthen Weslei Machado Justice Promoter's performance in fighting corruption in Coari. Our goal is to strengthen the investigations that are already underway, streamlining the most of finding the facts, so that appropriate legal action is taken as soon as possible”, He declared the Attorney General of Justice (PGJ) Leda Mara Albuquerque.

In the 2nd holder PJ TNL, also part of the Working Group the prosecutors Leonardo Valle Tupinambá, Fabricio Almeida Santos, Fabia Melo Barbosa de Oliveira and Gabriel Salvino Birth Chagas. The beginning of the work is immediate, In Manaus, but Coaria the group's trip is also planned. The prosecutors appointed should meet, in the next days, the holder of the 2nd PJ TNL, in order to trace the strategies necessary for the progress of work.

The disclosed PGJ, still, the MPAM is evaluating the creation of a third prosecutor's office in Coari, to act specifically on extrajudicial processes. “The interior of the Prosecutors not only act in the fight against corruption. They have also to meet a series of demands, from various areas, They also need rapid response”, remembered, adding that, indirectly, the GT will also strengthen the job.

“With a larger number of prosecutors involved, investigations will gain more speed. We have already initiated procedures, impropriety of actions that have been proposed, but, as investigations proceed, new facts are emerging, as mensalinho, for example, and this will demanding more and more effort and labor, the GT should meet”, concluded.

camera Record
One day before the signing of determining corruption charges against the mayor of Coari, Adail Son, They were special report Theme House Record program, TV Record.

The report says among other things the accusation against the mayor, of misuse of public money to your friends, payment 'mensalinho' of R $ 10 thousand every councilor, to control all decisions of the Board of Coari. Four parliamentarians confirmed the bribe, and accused the president of home, Keitton Pinheiro, cousin of the mayor of running the scheme.

Also has also been shown as the population of Coari is lacking in basic resources for a dignified life in the city that has the second largest collection of Amazonas and only in the year 2018, received R $ 76 million oil royalties.

About three thousand pages of documents and processes with complaints involving the city hall were analyzed by the program staff.

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